Im an ADN with a Masters Degree in Biology

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Is a BSN or MSN required to land a good hospital job?

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What is your idea of a good hospital job? Market yourself with your degrees.. to get it.

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Is a BSN or MSN required to land a good hospital job?

In Socal, your options will be more limited without a BSN ...especially as a new graduate. Degrees in other fields (even related ones) typically don't inspire much consideration. Even individuals who've worked as Licensed Vocational Nurses find that their nursing experience doesn't count for much when applying for employment as a new grad Registered Nurse.

That being said, I've had no trouble finding employment with an ADN and a few years of experience. I don't have the same number of options as my BSN "cousins", though.



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in my area, your non-nursing degree won't help. they want experience + BSN. if you're ADN you'll need work experience and very good connections to get a hospital job. Otherwise you'll have a better chance at nursing homes/LTC's or psych clinics.