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  1. NagathaChristie

    Should Obama care be repealed?

    Dee, do you live in FL? If you are 63, live in FL and have no income then you do not qualify for ACA. FL as a state as opted out of Medicaid expansion. If the above is true then Obamacare has nothing to do with your situation. Your argument should be with the state of FL and the insurance companies not Obamacare.
  2. NagathaChristie

    Should Obama care be repealed?

    DeeAngel, do you work?
  3. NagathaChristie

    Should Obama care be repealed?

    DeeAngel, I call shenanigans. I do not believe that you pay $850 a month for individual health insurance unless you selected the Cadillac of insurance options and that would cover your medication.
  4. NagathaChristie

    Should Obama care be repealed?

    Did you check the marketplace? Clearly you are above the poverty line if you did not meet the subsidy requirements. $260 is too expensive for you? Maybe Dave Ramsey could help you with your finances. :) My health insurance through my employer is about $300 a month. Its deducted from my income.
  5. NagathaChristie

    Should Obama care be repealed?

    One big problem is the changes that were forced on ACA in order for it to be passed. We need the ACA but what we truly need is the original ACA. Healthcare is a necessity. What a travesty that insurance companies are allowed to continue with these huge deductibles. Consider this info on the ACA/Obamacare: All health insurance plans must provide ten essential health benefits. The only exceptions are plans that existed on March 23, 2010, and were "grandfathered in." Families With Health Insurance - Here's six ways Obamacare improved your family's health insurance already. Parents can add their adult children (up to age 26) to their plans. If anyone gets sick, the insurance company can't drop them from the plan or limit how much insurance your family uses. If any children are chronically ill, a new insurance company can't deny coverage. Most families will find that wellness or pregnancy exams are now free. In other words, they no longer have to make co-payments. Insurance companies can't raise premium payments without getting the OK from the state government. Some families received a check from the insurance company. That's because Obamacare says that insurance companies must spend at least 80% of premiums on providing actual medical services. If they spent it on advertising or executive salaries, they have to pay the excess back to policy-holders. Why would we not want this? This is a plan for the people.
  6. NagathaChristie

    Aetna Telephone Triage

    I have a friend who works as an Aetna Telephone Triage nurse. She told me she is making $75k a year, from home, working about 35 hours a week. This seems high. Any one know?
  7. NagathaChristie

    Ever heard of or work for: ?

    Has anyone ever heard of or worked for "PPD" as a nurse consultant? What have you heard? Any info is welcome.
  8. NagathaChristie

    Visiting hours

    As far as I've known its been for infection control.
  9. NagathaChristie


    Leave the case. Call the office and tell them why.
  10. NagathaChristie

    Am I a bad nurse?

    Well telling someone what is left on a project is not really being negative. I would probably try to state both what was done and what needs to be done and when I expect it to be done.
  11. NagathaChristie

    Calling the police

    This is a great question that I'd like the answer to also.
  12. NagathaChristie

    Am I a bad nurse?

    I am an experienced nurse. I started in PDN as a new grad. It was hard at first, but I learned a lot about direct care, doing great assessments and more. I decided that to succeed with families I was going to need to do some CUSTOMER SERVICE. So I was very friendly. I acted like I TOTALLY agreed with their house rules; yeah some rules are really stupid. I told all of the parents, (when asked about my experience or when I could squeeze it into a conversation) "I know the doctors are trying to do the best for kids but one thing I have learned in nursing is that no one knows a child like their Mom/Dad" I will say that this comment has helped to make my job easier. The parent (usually a Mom) tends to be nicer, more lenient and friendlier. Additionally, I will ask the parents before I leave "Is there anything else that I can do with/for your child that will make your evening/night/day/weekend a little easier for you?" One Mom told me that she liked me from the start because the morning she met me (I was orienting) I said to her "I hope I didn't make noise coming in and wake you." So yeah, we need to be good nurses, use your common sense, protect your patient and yourself and play the popularity / customer service game. Read about therapeutic conversation. I use phrases like "that must be so hard for you" or "I can't imagine how difficult that must be for you." toward the parents. They seem to like that someone is sympathizing with them. Also, "If you ever notice that I forget to do something or you do not like the way I do something, please let me know. I am always open to suggestions, I know you have more experience at ______." Also, I never give much personal info. I keep conversation/chit chat to shallow topics like crafts, food, pets etc... Here is how I respond to certain topics: Politics = "Oh, I do not follow that stuff, seems so confusing to me." Religion = I always respect their beliefs. I try to avoid the topic. If they are Muslim or Jewish or another religion that I am not I will tread very carefully. Mom/Dad complaining about work/love life/neighbor = "That has to be hard for you to deal with." or "That must be so difficult for you." etc. Anything else = try not to give negative comments. Was a restaurant terrible? too bad, if they ask say "hmmm it seemed like they might have been having a bad day. I think I would need to try it again to give a true opinion" do not say "oh it was awful! blah blah blah" you want the family to associate you with good things, not negative.
  13. NagathaChristie

    Planning to move to NC

    OP did you move to NC yet?