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Telephone Nursing Co-workers

In August I will have been working as a Telephone nurse for a year. I love it, love it, love it! I work in a call center, not from home. I have met some amazing people and some amazing co-workers. But there is one issue that I notice....

We have a few nurses on our team that have gotten very good at taking a break, having a computer problem or something like that when they are next in line for a call.

I follow the break schedule, I follow all of the rules and my numbers will look like 18 - 24 calls shift depending on volume that day. These co-workers that I mentioned above will average 8-12 calls a shift.

It really annoys me. I will see them claim a computer problem and log off to take a call on their cell phone. Does anyone else have people like this on their team? How have you dealt with it?

MA Nurse

Specializes in NICU, Telephone Triage.

I work in a call center where our every move is monitored. We are too closely monitored for this behavior to happen. Do you have managers that walk around and see this? If you are concerned, think about bringing it up to your manager. I take between 40-50 calls in 8 hours when it's busy. 8-12 calls per shift, either 6 or 8 hours is nothing.

I also work in telehealth and average 4 calls per hour. Our calls are closely watched, recorded and audited. Our numbers are all watched closely also and metrics are #1 for our company so this type of behavior is stopped quickly. We still have people that work remote and have "technical issues" much more frequently than the rest of us. We all know who they are and so does management.


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