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  1. Schooling advice needed please

    I currently have a non-nursing bachelor's degree (in biomedical science). I will be starting an associate degree nursing program in January 2017. (I realize that there are other paths to obtaining my RN but after lots of research and applying this se...
  2. Schooling advice needed

    I have not yet decided what to pursue a DNP in; I'm hoping that after working as a nurse I'll get a better idea of that. Thanks for all of your advice. For now I think my plan is to do the ABSN if I get accepted but if I don't I'll still stick to the...
  3. Schooling advice needed

    I am going to be starting an ADN program soon. Eventually I want to get my DNP. I currently have a non-nursing bachelor's degree (in biomedical science). What would you recommend as the best path from ADN to DNP? (I also applied to an ABSN program bu...
  4. Question, please help

    I didn't know that was a possibility. I'll look into it. Thanks.
  5. Question, please help

    I've considered that as an option. But the area that I'm moving to only has one ABSN program and its very very competitive so I'm exploring other possibilities.
  6. Question, please help

    I want to become a nurse practitioner. I currently have a bachelor's degree but it is not in nursing. If I did an ADN program, would I be able to apply for NP programs or do I have to have a BSN before applying?