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Question, please help

by Jssc14 Jssc14 (New) New

I want to become a nurse practitioner. I currently have a bachelor's degree but it is not in nursing. If I did an ADN program, would I be able to apply for NP programs or do I have to have a BSN before applying?

OrganizedChaos, LVN

Specializes in M/S, LTC, Corrections, PDN & drug rehab. Has 10 years experience.

If you already have a bachelor's in a another field, why don't you enroll in an ABSN program instead of getting your ADN?

I've considered that as an option. But the area that I'm moving to only has one ABSN program and its very very competitive so I'm exploring other possibilities.

Miss Infermiera2b, BSN, RN

Specializes in Med/Surg, Oncology. Has 2 years experience.

You can always get your ADN, then do an online RN-BSN program while working a couple years as a nurse. Then you could apply for NP school with your BSN.

I didn't know that was a possibility. I'll look into it. Thanks.