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  1. Hematocrit13

    Online Certification Courses

    Thanks. The BBB was unable to help. HI, No, I never found any that were exclusively online. I did find a training that had a large online component with an in-person kind of check off scenario. The online training was one of the best I've ever had in anything, the in person check-off - orders of magnitude less so! In Clearwater, Florida.
  2. Hematocrit13

    Moral Injury

  3. Hematocrit13

    What's your favorite nursing task?

  4. Hematocrit13

    Question on Pancreatic Cancer

    I am currently teaching myself about acute and chronic pancreatitis as well as pancreatic cancer. I apologize if the question I'm going to ask is very obvious and basic to you, but here it is: is pancreatic cancer always a primary cancer? In other words, is it ever a cancer that is a result of metastasis from another cancer? Or asked another way: is pancreatic cancer never a result of metastasis? Thanks! HCT 13
  5. Hematocrit13

    Should Hospitals Set Workloads for Nurses?

    I'm with her.
  6. Hematocrit13

    Quitting job after only 8 months

    Yeah, that's right: the times they are not judging you, they really couldn't give a C#*$ about you.
  7. Hematocrit13

    I hate fake call outs.

    This is information that should be collected as a routine matter, preferably by management.
  8. Hematocrit13

    Nutrition Counseling in Nursing Practice

    But this man died due to poor medical (mal)practice not poor nutritional advice, no? The advice he got regarding nutrition, from the little we have been presented with, seemed pretty good. Added up, I have probably spent months if not years, total, learning about food and its impact on our bodies. I do consider myself quite up to date on the latest research, and yes, the latest trends. I have implemented a lot of what I've learned on myself and have developed flyers and learning tools to inspire others. I would probably self-eject from a classroom setting if I had to listen to traditional nutritionists talk and lecture, as I think I know a fair amount and have learned a lot on my own. In other words, I'm not someone who is impressed with certificates and licenses regarding nutrition. But I allow that that opinion may be misguided. I would never recommend anyone to come off any medication. HCT
  9. Hematocrit13

    Nutrition Counseling in Nursing Practice

    Hi, There's some key missing information here. Nurses should know that not all hypertension is directly weight or diet related. And not all strokes are hypertension-related. What were the BP meds? Did the patient or client discontinue them all of a sudden? What was the tapering schedule? What were results of his blood pressure throughout his time with this nurse, including after discontinuing the medications? Are we meant to infer that his stroke was BP related? Thinking of myself in that nurse's position, I would certainly have referred the man to his primary care physician in terms of advice of getting off any medications. Getting a person off any medication is not a nurse's call. Assuming his hypertension did not go away after lifestyle changes and did indeed cause his stroke, staying within the scope of practice would have protected her and presumably the patient. HCT
  10. Hematocrit13

    How would Medicare for all affect nursing?

    The question I have, is that Medicare is not free. It's pretty bare bones on its own and supplemental is all but mandatory. I admit that I don't understand everything about Medicare, but still.
  11. Hematocrit13

    Seattle is Dying

    Great comments here! I watched the program, and many of the issues and questions raised by the commenters are in fact addressed in the program. The music is maybe overdone and maybe too ominous, but I recommend viewing it.
  12. Hematocrit13

    Seattle is Dying

    I'm just getting to the part where they're comparing Seattle to Rhode Island. No doubt this problem has a few factors, but at least initially, I'm skeptical of the comparison if for no other reason than the weather.
  13. Hematocrit13

    Seattle is Dying

    Or, we have to work together (pay attention) not to lose it. We're only "providing" it after we've lost it. Yes indeed, follow the money. You got that one right!
  14. In a blow to the makers of losartan, amlodipine, lasix, hctz, Januvia, Novolog, metformin, simvastatin (to name just a few), "[t]wo of the country’s leading medical groups on Monday issued a call to arms against the soda industry, urging legislators and policymakers to embrace taxes, warning labels and advertising restrictions to deter young people from consuming the sugary beverages that are increasingly linked to the nation’s crisis of obesity and chronic disease." https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/25/health/soda-taxes-sugary-drinks-advertising.html "[T]he American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Heart Association issued a set of bold policy recommendations they say are necessary to stem the epidemic of Type 2 diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease and other diet-related illnesses responsible for tens of thousands of premature deaths and billions of dollars in annual health care costs." To which I can only say, it is only 25 years past due. And it ain't even done yet. Stay tuned.