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    Never Give Up!

    I love to read inspiring nurses that are making a difference. I am 47 and I have three kids. I decided to go back to school to be a nurse because I love helping people and I love being able to make a difference even if its a small one. I have been a HHA, CNA, MA all together I have been someway or anaother in the health field. I'm failing A&P and I feel so ashamed something I have wanted for so many years and now I have the opportunity because my children are older, and I have failed. I will never get into nursing school. Ugh my heart is broken. I wanted so much to be a hospice nurse. Well best wishes to all the nurses and future nurse.
  2. I am a student at Mildred Elley NYC campus I'm so disappointed, I took the teas v exam, and, I didn't pass now the school wants me to take MA classes . I don't want to be a medical assistant I want to be a nurse. Mildred Elley told me that I was taking the teas 1 week before the test was due to me taken . giving me no time to study

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