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  1. Screaming match with my preceptor

    Well maybe I was a little lazy and used a basic phase like smart me off, because it just came to mind, but what really happened is that she insulted me in various ways with her words and with her tone. For all the people that have dwelled on the fa...
  2. Screaming match with my preceptor

    Well thank you for such a well thought out response to me. If I do get fired, I have a military pension so I won't lose our home or anything. I hate this happened, because honestly I have been 100% nice and polite all co-workers, patients and th...
  3. Screaming match with my preceptor

    I wish I would have thought of that
  4. Screaming match with my preceptor

    Yes, I let her get away with about 10 different occasions where she smarted me off and I let those instances fester and build...... and number 11, 12, 13 were too much.... But, either way I get upset...If I ignore it and now that I acted this way ...
  5. Screaming match with my preceptor

    Thank you for the advice....I have put at least work through the holidays....But, I think I'm going to leave, not immediately, maybe in the spring....I'd really need to get a year experience or I'm going to be put back on probation at wherever I get ...
  6. Screaming match with my preceptor

    I know....I lost it
  7. Screaming match with my preceptor

    Well that's very nice of you to take time to write such a long personal note to me, thank you.... Honestly, bully is a perfect word but unlike what I think a bully she uses all mental and psychological warfare....
  8. Screaming match with my preceptor

    Yeah, I know....I just reacted....I pride myself on being a nice and professional person....I think that's why i'm having all these strange feelings of being upset and distracted at work...
  9. Thank you for being nice to me. I haven't had much of that lately.
  10. I'm just looking for some advice or thoughts on my situation. I am a new grad nurse in month 4 of my first job as a nurse. I am a 40 year old male. I work in an ICU. I have about 35 days before I am allowed to work alone. I had a 26 year old fema...
  11. A less stressfull career choice

    Thank you for the words of support and now that I have logged in about 15 shifts, I feel much better about the job. Like many of the experienced nurses predicted in this thread, it got better. We had some events occur during my shifts that helped ...
  12. Got let go after 6 wks orientation

    If that's all you did, then they probably did you a favor. In the sense that they did not like you and the are very "catty" and the management didn't hesitate to sort of run you down. The alternative would be to slowly show you they don't like you...
  13. A less stressfull career choice

    Right now, I work 20 (8 hours) shifts a month. I get 2 days off a week and I spent one day recovering from working 5 days in a row and the other day getting 5 days of uniforms, lunches and kids ready for the upcoming week. but, I hope to go to 2 12...
  14. A less stressfull career choice

    Yes, respect is another issue. It is certainly a tough situation when you have twenty-somethings sort of sizing you up, and determining that you are beneath them professionally because they have 2-5 years on the job more than you. However, that's ...
  15. A less stressfull career choice

    I figured I'd get a bunch of "put your big girl panties on and deal with it" responses....If those rules are standard everywhere then guess I have no choice then...I haven't gotten the signing bonus, but I think I'll put it in a savings account and g...