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    My NCLEX RN story

    Congratulations mslayt
  2. alexthelamp

    After passing NCLEX

    Hi NirvanaUSRN, RN Just wanted to double check, is visa-screen mandatory for petition filing? Can petition be filed once NCLEX test is passed? What I understand was Visa screen will be required at the time of consular interview and NOT at the time of petition filing. Please reply.
  3. Hello all I passed my NCLEX RN with Illinois board recently. I am an Indian nurse, currently working as RN in the UAE. My state of Chargeability is Kuwait. I would like to continue my practice in the US. May I know which is the best international recruiter whom I can contact for a hassle-free immigration for me and my family? Awaiting quality replies from your past experiences. Thanks a ton in advance. Alex.

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