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Dear nurses, this is to seek your suggestions regarding my offer. I am a foreign educated RN without IELTS. First I was interviewed by Passport USA, and they sent me a 12 page contract. But the contract was tricky, and I felt that signing it is going to be a trap. Nowhere they mentioned about petition filing. I understood that PPUSA contract means prebooking RNs into their pool. Their penalty for breaking the contract is heavy, you even have to pay them if you break the contract before filing I140. I politely denied the offer.

Then I got a call from Vema Staffing Partners. I got offer letter from them. They mentioned that they will move my papers for wage determination and I140 even without IELTS. In order to move my papers, I have to book the IELTS test date. Therefore I have booked test date and updated them. They acknowledged my update, after that no news. Hoping to hear back from them.

Now I want to know from someone who were already gone thru these phases, what will be the next steps? Are they going to ask me some documents for wage determination? And after that any documents needed for I140? By when they need my IELTS? I understand that IELTS has nothing to do with I140. It is the visa screen that matters and not IELTS. By when visa screen is needed? As per my understanding, visa screen is needed during consular interview only and not before that. Can someone please explain?


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Hi there,
You need IELTS / VisaScreen at the time of the consular interview. If it is time to schedule the interview and you do not have IELTS, if you are outside the USA you can postpone the day of the interview. If you are in the USA, postpone isn´t possible.


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anyone have any insight about this company?


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Hello, did you end up signing the contract with VEMA? How was your experience?