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  1. Amonitzer

    Contract Breaking Fee

    Hi all, Can anyone share what they have heard the fee to break the contract with the agency that brought them to canada? I have heard 10,000 per year approximately. Would love to hear other peoples thoughts!
  2. Amonitzer

    Should I try LTC?

    Hey not sure if you are still active on here but I would like to ask a few questions about the contact and for foreign nurses and threat of deportation if quit. Once you get a green card, how can they deport you?
  3. Amonitzer

    Canadian RN moving to California - Licensing help please!

    Hi there, are you still on this forum? Would love to ask you a few questions.
  4. Amonitzer

    O'grady peyton - Locations?

    Hi all, Has anyone who worked with ogrady or knows someone that did, can you name some of the cities they had positions in? Specifically locations that were near major metropolitan? I understand that there is no way to guarantee but i would still love to know what is theoretically possible.
  5. Thanks for the reply! What is the difference between eb3 vs e3? Have you heard of anyone breached a contract? How did it turn out? Does the visa get rescinded?
  6. Thanks for your detailed response! I will be attending that fair, I am extremely appreciative that you mentioned it. Ther is definitely several things I hav to consider7. Unfortunately my birth country does not allow for dual citizenship. Are you on a TN visa? What were the locations they had available besides the one you mentioned? Did you have much flexibility? It's tough because I have to coordinate with my spouse. Also, what is breach of contract fee in your agreement with the agency?
  7. Hi all, Ive read about a few instances where agencies were supposed to file for a green card after year 1 of the contract but kept pushing it back. Have you heard of this situation? Also, what visa are you on while working before you even get the EB3 visa ?
  8. Amonitzer

    Australian nurse wanting to work in America

    where was the the location that avant offered if i may ask?
  9. Amonitzer

    Health Carousel/Passport USA

    Hi, are you still on this forum?
  10. What was the recruitment process with the Marskell group? Are you a canadian citizen? Do you know what the process is like for Canadian permanent residents? Where there lots of US agencies at the toronto fair? How much experience did you have, i know you said you were a new grad but were you working part time ?
  11. Amonitzer

    Canadian RN to work in the USA

    Hi can you share name of agency
  12. Amonitzer

    Australian Nurse wants to work in USA

    HI, not sure if you are still present on this forum but i would love to hear about your experiences.
  13. Amonitzer

    Australian RN to become RN in New Jersey

    Hi Yinks, Can i ask you about your experience and how you transitioned from australia to the states?
  14. Hi There, Would i be able to reach out you directly to pick your brain? I would lvoe to hear more. I didnt realize you had responded or I would have reached out earlier.
  15. Amonitzer

    Ontario Second Entry Nursing Fall 2018

    For uot I am pretty sure you have to have the pre reqs done by end of june. You should double check!
  16. Hi everyone, I was hoping to hear peoples thoughts on this question. I have come across some posts where people mentioned that they received full time offers from their placements in the last year of nursing school. I was wondering how common this was? Is it typically reserved for top students?