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  1. Jfighty

    Failing A&P I

    I'm fighting back tears while typing this because I just feel so down. I'm coming here to vent because I don't really have anyone else that understands my struggle. Long story short, I'm failing A&PI (I'm doing good in the lab, but that only counts for 25% of our grade). Idk what happened, I started the semester really good, but some things do come into play. I'm taking 4 other classes, while taking a&p, I work part time as a CNA and my son is 2 years old. I'm doing good in my other classes. I've always got A's and B's, I have a D right now in A&P. I didn't drop the class because I thought I could improve. But I was wrong and now its too late to withdraw and my GPA is going to be affected. A&P is one of the classes I need to get into the ADN program for fall 2018, but I know for sure I will not pass this class. Ill just have to wait another year to apply after I take A&P again, and that makes me feel so discouraged. The class is hard, I study so hard, but always fail the exams, all my time goes into this class. I get so down when I hear my other classmates and they talk about how they have an A, or how they are starting the nursing program in the fall. I feel like I'm not smart enough to even get into nursing school. I'm starting to wonder if I should pick another career, but nursing really is my calling. I know in my heart it is, but if I can even pass the pre reqs, idk if its going to happen :'(
  2. Jfighty

    ADN or BSN?

    I know about all the differences of the two. I work as a cna right now and I plan on going to nursing school very soon, just need to finish up my pre-reqs. Money for schools isn't an issue for me since I'm a veteran and I have funds for school under the gi bill. I want to become a nurse now!! This is my calling and what I'm meant for! I'm a born care giver. I know that most hospitals won't hire you if you don't have a BSN, or atleast that's what I've been told. My question is, what should I do?? Should I get my ADN so I can start working, and then get my BSN. I have a 2 year old and I don't make much money with my CNA job, I will get money for going to school , but that's once a month and it won't be much. I want to become a nurse as soon as possible. But idk what route I should do first. I eventually want to become a nurse practitioner, but we all have to start somewhere. Just looking for some advice!!
  3. Jfighty

    New CNA job and its intimidating

    Started a new CNA job and its very intimidating! Its at a nursing home. I loved the pateints and the employees were very welcoming and nice. But I didn't think it would be this hard. The girl that was helping Me was so good and so fast at what she was doing, and i keep thinking that what if I'm never gonna be able to be that good. My dream is to become a nurse, I will be devasted if I'm not cut out for nursing. Any advice or words of encouragement?
  4. Jfighty

    Picking a nursing school

    Thank you ! I have another question maybe you can help me with. Do you have any knowledge about cna certifications and how they transfer from state to state?
  5. Jfighty

    Picking a nursing school

    Because I want to move somewhere where I have options for more than one school. Nursing schools are really competitive so I want to have options.
  6. Jfighty

    Picking a nursing school

    I'm trying to pick a school that I want to go to, but I'm getting so discouraged! I'm living in hawaii right now, but will be leaving in a year due to my husband getting a new job. I'm currently finishing pre reqs , and we don't know what state we are going to live after this so picking a school is starting to give me a head ache!!!
  7. Is this school accredited? I was looking up nursing schools in North Carolina and came across this one It seems to good ro be true since there are no pre reqs required or waiting list. Has any of you gone here?
  8. Jfighty

    Picking a school to apply to

    I've read all their requirements, that's why I'm scared. I'm very competitive. But even then I'm still scared that I'll do all this hard work to get in and then not even be able to go their....
  9. Jfighty

    Picking a school to apply to

    HEY EVERYONE!! So right now I'm working on my pre reqs. I want to apply to Southern Utah University. My husband wants to move there soon because its one of the only schools that has what he wants to do. I like the school. But its the only nursing school in that area. Every other school is about 3 hours away. I'm just scared that I won't get in and then I won't be able to go to school. What should I do?
  10. Jfighty

    Health professions to BSN

    Hello!!!! I had some questions and I'm hoping someone can answer it !! i want to become a nurse !! I know what I need to do for the schooling for the most part. Buttttttt I still have some questions. im in a unique situation because I'm active duty military and I am also 7 months pregnant !! I know I know... Anyways . I eventually want to get my BSN, but I was told that because of my busy schedule I should do my asn first. Being that I live in Hawaii and I'm on a military base. I chose a school that only had a BSN program. And the major I picked was health professions. My advisor told me that this major is similar to the nursing one and I could complete my pre Reqs then continue to get my bsn. i wanted to know that if I do the health professions major . Would I still be able to take the test to become and rn because I completed all the courses . And then continue on with my bsn. Or should I just go straight for my bsn??

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