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  1. Hello everyone! i am looking for some immediate advice! I was offered a NICU position at mount Sinai about three weeks ago and accepted it because I really enjoyed meeting the hiring managers and I have been looking to move to NYC for a while. Well today I was notified that NYL wants to offer me a position as well! Very exciting but now I'm so torn! I e been applying to NYP for a long time now but I was very happy with the mount Sinai position as well. So my question is does anyone have any insight on both NICUS? Any stories or know people who work at either?
  2. Kcv19

    Absolutely miserable

    I am totally in the same boat as both if you! I have been working for about a year now But I still have the same issues and still struggling emotionally and even sometimes with my skills. I am also told the first year is the toughest but like what was said try and get into more detail about the specific problem. You never know who may be able to relate I know I can!
  3. I just wanted any advice or tips from really anyone out there that has been through what I'm going through currently. I am a nurse with about a year experience in the NICU. I'm still learning every day practicing my skills and finding my way around how I do things and what works best for me. I know when I need to ask for help and I know when I'm capable of doing things myself. However recently I e been in some situations that have left me humiliated crying and over all just hating where I am and what I am doing. Other nurses have spoken about me as if I'm to blame when something goes wrong. When I don't get an IV or blood work in the first try I get nasty looks and comments like "oh let me just do it" if it's a non emergent situation I feel like they shouldn't even be involved. Doctors not all but some have been or right rude and disrespectful and lecturing me as if I don't know how to do my job but then turning around to the next nurse and being a normal human being. Recently something went wrong with a kids vent and as in there tying to see a doctor walks in and starts screaming at me as if I'm not doing my job lecturing me meanwhile he walked in two seconds after it happened. I am not perfect and I know I have a ton to learn, am I being too over sensitive? Are there any words of encouragement or advice whenever I'm faced with this again? I'm drowning here and I'm embarrassed to show my face at work everyday.
  4. Kcv19

    Changing specialties. Is it possible?

    jv713 no luck on switching yet but i do have an interview lined up at a different hospital which may be helpful in figuring out where it is i want to go and give me more opportunities
  5. hey everyone. I have posted on here multiple times about my experience with my first nursing job in the nicu. i have gone back and forth of weather or not i should change specialties, change hospitals etc. well i finally decided to take a chance and applied to some different hospitals to see if a change in environment is what i needed. anyway i was lucky enough to be called for a job interview for one of the best hospitals (at least in my eyes) in nyc!!! SO my question for all you seasoned nurses and really anyone who as gone on interviews after working as an RN, what are some things i can do to prepare for this? what kind of questions should i expect? i heard that they can possibly ask scenario questions in regards to nursing care but i am not to sure how i could even go about preparing for those things. Any advice or tips you guys could give me would really help me out. Thanks everyone!
  6. Hello everyone! I have been a nurse for about 1 year now and currently work in a NICU. I love what I do but my work environment is just not for me. I have had issues with other nurses since orientation luckily i work night shift and it has gotten better but I still am uncomfortable and I am just overall unhappy working there. I recently started applying to new jobs just to get my resume out there and got a phone interview for NYP CHONY Peds ED! I am very excited because I have worked at NYP before during nursing school and loved it. MY main questions for all you wonderful nurses is what advice can you give in regards to answering questions such as why do you want to leave your current job? and exactly how to word how my NICU experience can transfer over into working in the ED. Also has anyone ever done a phone interview with NYP for an RN job, and wt=hat questions can i expect? The phone interview is with HR not the actual department so I am a little unsure of how to prepare. Any help or advice on anything I should to do prepare would be so appreciared!
  7. So I have been a nurse for about 6 months and recently on my own in the NICU I find myself constantly asking other nurses questions and their opinions. On certain things I know it's better to ask question when you are unsure but does it come off as incompetence? I just worry people think I don't know what I'm doing when I ask things. Do any experienced nurses have input on this? Is it annoying when a new nurse asks for advice or anything like that? I'm just terrified of making a mistake or missing something.
  8. Hi all! I was just looking for some input or advice from anyone who has been through it has any info on changing specialties. Now I'm a brand new nurse of 6 months working in the NICU. Now as much as it was a top specialty of mine I was also always interested in trauma or ED nursing. I heard that changing specialties is hard enough but now take a new nurse with only experience in the NICU. I feel like it would be an impossible task to change if I wanted to. I don't want to settle in one area so early in my career none of the reasons nursing appealed to me was the fact that there are so many different areas. So my question is it worth even trying to change to an area so vastly different? Is it better to wait and gain experience or is it better to change sooner since I wouldn't be so out of sorts? Would anyone even hire me in that kind of area? Any advice suggestions input would be so appreciated!
  9. Kcv19

    New nicu nurse in need of advice!

    I still feel overwhelmed! And ive been off orientation for a month. I'm still struggling with my choice. I love the NICU but I'm feeling like this high acuity is just too much for me. Does anyone have any advice or been in a situation of regretting your choice to be a nurse or at least do bedside nursing?
  10. Hello all I recently started as a RN in a NICU this year and i am starting to doubt that hospital nursing is the right direction for me. I enjoy my patient population but I'm still not totally sure if being in the hospital is what I want to do. I just don't think I'm made for it. Does anyone have any other ideas in the nursing world i can look into and should I consider changing the direction? Many people told me it's too early in me starting to know for sure if I like it. I don't know which way to go but i know I'm incredibly overwhelmed and having increased anxiety attacks every time I go to work. Would maybe switching to a lower level NICU be an option or is just the hospital situation not right. I don't know I guess I'm just looking for advice or someone who may have had a similar situation. Thanks!
  11. Kcv19

    New nicu nurse in need of advice!

    Yes! Cosmic hymns that would be so helpful!! I'll try and take your advice as well. It's hard to understand unless you have actually been in that situation. Message me anytime!
  12. Kcv19

    New nurse struggling!!

    I am looking for some advice!! I recently just ended orientation for my first RN job in the NICU. This hospital is among one of the best in the nation and the state but I'm questioning if maybe it's too intense for me. I know part of my problem is the lack of self confidence and constant self doubt in my skills but at the same time I feel very unsupported by staff since I have personally heard them go around and critique each and every one of the new orientees in my group. I want the experience and like all jobs some days are better than others. However I always wanted to move into A nearby city and work there as well so I'm struggling on what to do!! I don't want to dread going into work or be terrified ALL the time. I know a lot of these feelings are apart of being a new nurse but I do feel like I would grow more if I had a better working environment. I had a bad experience during my orientation where I was told I was doing great by my preceptor then suddenly I was in a meeting with my educator saying how I have a bad attitude and don't want to be here and how I'm slow. (She actually said She thought it takes me a while to process simple tasks!) now I have lost all self confidence and can't trust any of the other nurses when they say I'm doing well or that im ready. My questions are Do i hold out and see if things improve over time? Do I jump right in and go after what I want? How do I know if this is a good fit?
  13. Kcv19

    New nicu nurse in need of advice!

    Thank you all so much for your input! Nights isn't too bad it deft is more laid back but I'm all on my own now and it is very scary Inhave bonded with one or two nurses who are experienced so it does help! I have heard some nurses talk poorly on us new orientees so it's been hard to know who to turn to but I'm trying my best! All of your advice has helped me so if anyone has any general advice on being a new nurse please post!!! I'm sure I'm not the only one who would appreciate it l! It's nice to have some support
  14. Kcv19

    New nicu nurse in need of advice!

    Hello everyone! I am a fairly new grad who just completed orientation in the nicu and is having a complete freak out!! It's my first nursing job and it's a pretty intense and busy unit which I love but Iam terrified to be in my own! My whole 5 month orientation has been on days and now I'm switching to nights. My preceptor was phenomenal and I feel like I learned so much but I have zero self confidence and doubt myself all the time. I have heard a lot of terrible stories about the night nurses and how they are very catty and nasty to the orientees just starting out, which makes me even more nervous because I feel even more alone. If anyone has any advice or words of wisdom for this new and terrified nurse it would really help me out!!

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