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    I am looking for career advice. I have been a nurse a long time. I have done critical care, outpatient surgery, dialysis, case manager. I have children and need something part time to fit with my schedule but not sure what. I want to do manageme...
  2. Should I do it

    What does the Hospice Admissions Nurse Do?
  3. Does anyone work as a Clinical Documentation Specialist. If so what is a typical day like?
  4. Field Case Management

    Has Anyone work for an insurance doing field case management. If so, do you have children. How does it work.
  5. School Nurse

    I am thinking about applying for a school nurse position. I have 11 years nursing experience in ICU, Dialysis, Surgical Services and Case Management but no school nurse ex.. I do camp nursing for my church every year for 5 days out of the year. Sh...
  6. Dialysis Managers

    Can someone please tell me what it is like being a dialysis manager? Interested in the position?
  7. Looking for clinical managers!

    Thanks for responding. Can I ask tell me what are is it incenter dialysis, acutes or PD? Wanna try management
  8. Lunch and learn. The in center nurse needs to be educated on the process of transplant so they can push the patients to be transplanted.
  9. Looking for clinical managers!

    Are you still on the floor or did you try management?
  10. PD Manager

    What is your typical day like? What are some of the challenges you face? Does this position give work/home life balance?
  11. does anybody work from home full time

    I did. I didn't like it I felt isolated
  12. Nurse Supervisor

    I am not sure what I am missing but most places highlight the fact that I don't have any management experience. How can I gain this experience and not be given a chance.
  13. Nurse Supervisor

    No not at this time
  14. Nurse Supervisor

    I am having a hard time landing the Nurse Sup. position that I want. I have though about going to work in a nursing home to get some management experience. Help! How do I make my self more marketable for a position. I have a lot of work experienc...
  15. Nurse Supervisor

    I would like a position as a Nurse Supervisor in a clinic. I have been a nurse for over 9 years. Any tips on obtaining this position. I have a background in critical care, and some other things. Thanks,