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  1. Tips for a dementia pt who worries all night long?

    i had a resident like that where i work...maybe find out what her favorite food is mine loved warm milk so i would always make her a glass and set out before bed and we would talk about what she did for her job and she loved talking about that would ...
  2. Cna medsurg floor advice

    Hey guys!! I have been a cna for about 8 months working in a ltc facility and recently got a job working at a wonderful prestigious hospital!! I have never worked at a hospital and its on the medsurg floor working with palliative care and oncology ...

    hey guys !! so friday i got the call from the nurse manager from the Hospital letting me know i got the job!!! :) However at the time she said she was busy so she asked if she could call me on Monday to talk specifics..aka pay etc however she never...
  4. Hospital interview will make me late to work

    haha i literally just died laughing LOL!! ya thats what I've been told i don't want to call out I'm just gunna use the app excuse! thanks for responding guys!
  5. hey guys! also really quick.... i have an interview on monday for a CNA job at a local hospital unfortunately the only day she has available to interview me is monday at 1:00 and i have work at 2:00 (its about 15 drive from where my interview is) I h...
  6. First hospital interview!! Help!

    thank you :) I'm so happy and so surprised i got the call!!
  7. First hospital interview!! Help!

    HEY GUYS!! THIS IS MY FIRST POST HERE ON ALLNURSES!! WOO! AFTER 7 MONTHS OF CNA EXPERIENCE I GOT A CALL BACK FROM MY FIRST CHOICE HOSPITAL! Currently I have been working at a assisted living/skilled nursing home which i love about 12-15 residents p...
  8. What was the best thing about CNA school?

    i took my CNA through The Red Cross it was awesome!! My favorite thing about it was realizing this is what I was meant to do because all people were telling me was that being a CNA is dirty work but honestly its so amazing so rewarding i know i will ...