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    2019 Nursing Salary Survey

    Did mine! Signed my contract last night, I take my boards in May and I start my job in June!
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    Med error

    That's not a med error, that is a potential adverse effect of the drug... I wouldn't lose sleep over it...
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    New grad in CVICU

    Hi all! Hoping for a bit of advice.. I recently accepted an awesome position in the StaRN nurse residency program this June at a larger hospital in Richmond, VA. I will be working in the CVICU and I am very excited about getting up there and working.. But I'm also very nervous. I've worked at a level 3 in the ED for years as a tech and more recently I've worked as an LPN in a smaller community ED. I like to think I've built a solid foundation to build on in nursing just by my experiences as an LPN in the ED, but the CVICU scares the crap out of me.. Any advice? Books to read? Things to focus on? I'm all ears here guys! I don't want to disappoint my preceptors nor do I want to disappoint myself. Thanks everyone
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    wanting to move

    Hi all, Hoping to get some words of wisdom from everybody here.. I plan on moving my family shortly after I graduate from school this semester towards a more populated part of the state. I currently live in a very rural section of Maryland that offers no critical care experience at all, with only 1 ICU/CT-ICU in the area that rarely hires. I have 1 year experience as an LPN working in an Emergency Dept, several years as a tech. My plan is to work in critical care to begin working towards my CRNA.. My concerns with staying down here is that the hospital I would be potentially working at, if theres an opening, is a smaller hospital and wouldn't necessarily look fantastic on a resume versus a more well-known hospital in the city. Any advice? Thanks in advance.