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Serious question guys..My wife and I live on the Eastern Shore of MD at this moment, and I will be graduating in a few short semesters from nursing school. I'm originally from NOVA, Dale City to be exact, and I miss it. I miss the ability to go into the city on the weekend, or the short drive to the mountains.. I miss the accessibility to literally everything and anything. I was looking up the new nurse salary in NOVA and it's anywhere from 50-65k, please correct me if I'm wrong. Even if we both are working, how would we be able to afford such a place and NOT live in the ghettos of NOVA? My wife would be making around the same as I would be, and we already have a hefty down payment on a home "120-150k available".. Any recommendations on areas with decent schools/neighborhoods that wont absolutely crush my budget?e: if this plan falls through, I plan on finishing my masters anyways and eventually moving up there, what kind of salary should I expect with a masters in a leadership type role?

I'm from NOVA too and although I moved away about 5 years ago, I still visit often. Traffic is even more insane than it was then, so I'm not sure going into the city, to the mountains, or really anywhere is "a short drive" these days. As far as housing goes, you might want to consider Loudoun County--good schools, generally more affordable than other surrounding counties, etc. Can't really speak on the average salaries for managerial roles though.

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What is NOVA?

Northern Virginia.

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