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  1. kyhoward1989

    Do women find male nurses attractive?

    easy there, don't generalize. I'm a male nurse and I've never given that a thought, because it's not relevant to my job.
  2. kyhoward1989

    New Grads in the ICU

    New grad CVICU nurse here. I'll speak on my own behalf and my own perspective with no particular bias. The hospital I joined had an 8 week long internship that was filled with didactic training that ranged from ACLS training to foley insertion/art line use. After we were done with that, we spent the next 8 weeks training on the floor with a preceptor. The preceptor would take patient loads all the way from ECMO patients that are singled, to fresh hearts, MAZE procedures, VAD patients, step down patients, etc. They have us go into weekly classes and in-services that help us understand hemodynamic stabilizing and reading wave forms on PA caths. I've been off orientation for 3 weeks and I've taken and managed patients that are on multiple drips like dobut, levo, neo, milrinone, etc. I've sat and spoke to the intensivists and cardiologists to learn what they want and how they want it. I feel as though if a new grad has the tenacity to enter into a critical care floor, they're already a cut above the rest. They're willing to expand their knowledge immediately after nursing school and place themselves into an uncomfortable position. The best thing for a seasoned nurse to do isn't to sit there with the attitude of "back in my day" and rather be nurturing. Average nurses can't function in an ICU situation, I know that because I've seen float pool nurses take stepdown patients and drown. The nursing process hasn't been dumbed down, the focus of care has simply changed and the nurses are evolving into what's expected today.
  3. kyhoward1989

    the moment we all work for

    I passed
  4. kyhoward1989

    the moment we all work for

    Well, I took my boards. 97 questions and it cut me off... 30 SAs and a LOT of priority questions... Very heavy on psych and OB... Tried the pearson vue trick and voila, it worked... Now to wait and see!
  5. kyhoward1989

    the moment we all work for

    I just got my authorization to test today! Scheduled my NCLEX for tomorrow morning at 8am... I did an ATI comprehensive review and 2 predictors, one before the review and one after. I scored a 70.5% on the first one and an 80% on the 2nd, which is 99% chance of passing. I've done around 700 questions on Uworld and im averaging in the 91st percentile. All these things are telling me that I will do well, but jesus I'm nervous! Any tips/advice?
  6. kyhoward1989

    2019 Nursing Salary Survey

    Did mine! Signed my contract last night, I take my boards in May and I start my job in June!
  7. kyhoward1989

    Henrico StaRN residency program

    Hi everybody! I just received a packet of information regarding an awesome nurse residency opportunity at Henrico Doctors Hospital in their CICU and Chippenham CVICU. I'm going down in the next week to have my interviews, and I'm fairly excited about this awesome opportunity. Anybody else ever go through HCA StaRN program? If so, what did you guys think of it? And did anybody else apply?
  8. kyhoward1989

    Take what you can get?

    Hi all, quick background on me.. I've worked in an emergency department at a very busy level 3 trauma center and cardiac intervention center for the past 5 years. Recently, I accepted a job as an LPN at a more community-based emergency department. I was just offered a job as a new grad RN at a hospital where I plan to relocate in an intermediate care unit. I was told by the nursing recruiter that I don't qualify for an ICU job or an Emergency Department job since I am a new grad. My plan is to stay in critical care/emergency medicine, and I never thought I would ever think about doing anything other than this. I guess my question is, should I take what I can get as a new grad? Or should I politely decline and keep searching? Thanks for the advice.
  9. kyhoward1989

    wanting to move

    Hi all, Hoping to get some words of wisdom from everybody here.. I plan on moving my family shortly after I graduate from school this semester towards a more populated part of the state. I currently live in a very rural section of Maryland that offers no critical care experience at all, with only 1 ICU/CT-ICU in the area that rarely hires. I have 1 year experience as an LPN working in an Emergency Dept, several years as a tech. My plan is to work in critical care to begin working towards my CRNA.. My concerns with staying down here is that the hospital I would be potentially working at, if theres an opening, is a smaller hospital and wouldn't necessarily look fantastic on a resume versus a more well-known hospital in the city. Any advice? Thanks in advance.

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