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    Faulkner State or Jefferson Davis?

    Hi - Can anyone please offer any feedback for Faulkner State or Jefferson Davis RN Program? Trying to gather as much info on the schools as possible. Points system, class info, staff at school, pros/cons, etc... Thank you in advance for your thoughts. I am looking into the Spring 2016 program at each school.
  2. southernsun

    Jefferson Davis Community College Spring 2014

    Hi - Checking in to see how nursing school is going? Curious at your experience. Looking to apply for the Spring Term. Thank you for any helpful comments!
  3. southernsun

    Wallace College, Eufaula campus

    Hi DLewis.RN2b........I am looking at Wallace and wanted to hear your feedback. I will also have a commute but am willing to do that if needed. Can you give me some info on your experience there. Thanks!
  4. southernsun

    Faulkner State or Jefferson Davis?

    I currently have 182 points and plan to retake the TEAS to see if it will improve any. I feel like that current number would be ok for the Spring. I did speak with someone at the school and they stated Fall was more competitive. Where are you applying for or are you currently enrolled in a college now? I will have to drive about an hour for each school, so that is not really an issue.
  5. southernsun

    Anyone applying to schools in AL for Fall 2015?

    Please keep me updated on your progress and when you will hear. I know you are anxiously awaiting! If you find out anymore info that would be great too! Best of Luck and keep in touch.
  6. southernsun

    Anyone applying to schools in AL for Fall 2015?

    Hi futureRN2142, CNA.........I plan to apply for the Spring 2016 term. I am curious if you know anything about the program. I am looking into it and Jefferson Davis. I will be moving into the area in the Fall. The NCLEX results look very good for Faulkner. Just trying to hook up with people who are familiar with the programs. Thank you for your response.
  7. southernsun

    Anyone applying to schools in AL for Fall 2015?

    HI - futureRN2142, CNA......Have you applied to Faulkner State?

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