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autism4life has 6 years experience as a ADN, LPN, RN and specializes in Cardiac.

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  1. As an ol' LTC LPN turned bedside RN, I can say it is a huge adjustment. However I love the new roll. I started on a cardiac med-surg floor and have transitioned into ICU/CVICU in less than a year. Both LTC and hospital settings have their pros and co...
  2. autism4life

    New Grad orientation question

    That is actually a pretty long orientation for LTC. We usually only gave 3 days. With that said, LTC is not for everyone. 20+ patients, while this may seem like a lot, is actually quite good. My average assignment as an LPN in LTC was greater than 25...
  3. autism4life

    Most hilarious/creative/inventive names you've been called...

    90 something little old lady with dementia looked dead in the eye and called me a "gum drop whore" ?
  4. autism4life

    NCLEX anxiety

    You have been preparing to take this test since you started nursing school. You know the material if you graduated, so deep breath, relax, and tell yourself...I know this stuff. NCLEX is a perfect world, so keep that in mind. The test wants to evalua...
  5. autism4life

    LPN in LTC transition to RN hospital

    I went from an LPN in LTC to RN in a hospital, and absolutely love it. Comparing the two however is apples to oranges. Meaning they both have their pros and cons, and are very different. I wholeheartedly believe if you can do LTC you can do a...
  6. autism4life

    Loving Nursing! 8 Tips For New Grads

    Well I'm back! Most will not remember, but I has here moaning about being a new grad and working on a cardiac unit back in February. Scared and feeling helpless, knowing next to nothing, and just hoping I didn't hurt anyone. As an old time LPN in LTC...
  7. autism4life

    Do Dept head meetings violate patient privacy ?

    I often pondered this as well. As a past member of the management team in LTC, I sat in on these daily meetings day after day and listened to many a conversations about patients that I often found questionable in light of those attending. It went fur...
  8. We got a 3 inch plastic fork, with a note that said "thanks for sticking with us" ? I think I'd rather got the rock.
  9. autism4life

    Please tell me it’s just Medsurg!!

    I feel ya, but I thought it was just because I was new ? I am on a cardiac Med Surg floor, and my typical patient load on days is 6 to 7. I too am overwhelmed, and feeling as though this isn't for me. I keep pushing ahead, thinking its going to get ...
  10. autism4life

    How was your PN-RN bridge program?

    My best advice would be to "stay ahead". I worked ahead as much as I was allowed. As soon as that class was available I sat down and completed all the classwork I was allowed to complete. Most of my classes opened with all the learning plans availabl...
  11. autism4life

    How was your PN-RN bridge program?

    I bridged from LPN to RN, and like you had all my pre-requisites for the ADN completed. I worked full time in LTC and took two classes every 8 weeks. It was a bit overwhelming at times, but I survived ? I'm sure my family thought I was a basket case,...
  12. autism4life

    Looking at LVN program at 46

    To all of you...Go for it! I wasn't the only old lady in my RN class (42) ? Half my class was older ladies and gents. I did have the young whipper snappers as well but I felt that it really rounded out the class's. You were able to interact with thos...
  13. autism4life

    how did you know nursing was for you?

    I may have snorted ? I think this may be the best post I have ever read here. Great advice, fabulous humor!
  14. autism4life

    Made it off orientation

    Some of you may remember my previous post (WOW, only day 2) or something like that. A fairly seasoned LPN in LTC, turned RN, new to a cardiac floor in acute care. I am officialy done with orientation...a bit early (4 weeks early in fact). Im not ent...
  15. autism4life

    NCLEX Monday