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    Only using Uworld to study?

    i used world for one of my attempts thought it was close to what i saw on the NCLEX style, but the bad thing was i only learned the material they went over in the the questions. I did not learn anything new unless it was covered in the questions. My critical thinking skills were definitely a hit or miss depending on the question. I thought I was ready, but i went through 265 questions and failed by one category. It was not until i used Hurst that I felt that i was critical thinking. I was learning the bare minimum, but it was enough to get me through the question. It by no means taught me everything, but it got me to my comfort zone. Still felt that i failed when it was over. However, after 200+ questions i found out after a few days i passed.
  2. nam6e

    Failed for the fifth time

    i would suggest hurst review and do their elevate portion. When I did it the first time i just did my own thing, but when i used hurst like they stated know everything without a doubt or hesitation I passed. Now don't think i felt like i passed. It took me over 200 questions to finish, but the way it teaches you to think is great. I did uworld it is great, but it is just a test bank you are only learning the rationale that you come across. Kaplan is great as well, but it covers too much material it is hard to know all of it well.
  3. nam6e

    non competitive program

    I agree maybe you should do lpn to Rn to BSN if you think you will not be competitive. I got in with a 3.0 and went to ou so it is possible to get in without stellar grades. You got this! Best of luck!
  4. nam6e

    OU ABSN 2019

    I did the traditional program and I recommend applying to Lawton. It is a place that most don’t want to go. The pro is there is nothing to do there so you will not get distracted and you don’t have time for that because the accelerated program is intense.
  5. nam6e

    Hospital rating

    I am tryin to do research on a hospital and there use to be a way to first a rating that was national accredited, but was not Medicare.gov is anyone aware of the website I am speaking of?
  6. nam6e

    lpn reprimanded

    Have you tried any Nursing homes. I don't know much about Tulsa, but I know many lpn's Work in that area. If all you say is true I hope it gets resolved. Best of luck!
  7. nam6e

    Clinicals at UCO and OSU-OKC

    Hello, I did not go to UCO, but I know their schedule is similar to OU. We were told not to schedule anything between 8-5 because that's time is when class, test, clinicals usually happened. When we had clinicals mine were from 6am to 3 I believe my first semester. If you are able to do an 8-5 while in nursing school more power to you, but just finishing that seems unlikely. Also, although both school are nursing programs went you graduate you will have different degrees. UCO will give a BSN osu-okc is an ADN program. If you are wanting to advance in Nursing or get into an NP program the difference might be worth looking into to see the difference. Best of luck either way!
  8. nam6e

    Ou Nursing books

    Graduated the bsn program this May no longer need my books. Although, there may be new editions out they still give the page numbers most of the time to the old edition as well if you ask. I am sure the cost to buy all the books are still outrageous. Save some money and take mine instead
  9. nam6e

    First Job

    I will be there with you. Having to delay my orientation date because my att came so late so I am not taking it until July 17th. What department are you going to be in?
  10. nam6e

    Occc nursing students or pre-nursing students

    I would recommend looking up adn vs. bsn and your goals with nursing. With adn it is a longer route to your goal if you want to be something like an np or masters in something else
  11. nam6e

    Occc badnap 2017-2018

    If you already have your bachelors go to OU. When you graduate from Otrip you will be an associate nurse. Meaning that if you want to advance you will have to do an RN to BSN program. They are usually 9 more months and you have to take a test to get in. However, OU has a program for people with degrees and it is 14 month. It is intense but you will save yourself more time and money. There are 3 campuses to choose from as well.
  12. nam6e

    Trauma 1 hospitals in OKC

    Is OU the only trauma 1 hospital in OKC?
  13. nam6e

    University of Oklahoma ABSN 2017

    You will meet with the senior ABSN they will let you know what to expect when you start. You will be paired with a senior although they are done by spring break (semester and school). There will be multiple people to ask questions to. In the mean time enjoy the rest of your free time. I say this because you are not going to have much time for anything else for the next 14 months. See you in January!
  14. nam6e

    OU Nursing Admission

    I am in OU's program and I will agree it is hard to get into. However, it is hard to get into any nursing program these days. The GPA's are rising at every school. Truthfully it depends on what you bring to the table and which program you are trying to get into. The way they look at your GPA is different from the traditional program (BSN) vs. advance program (ABSN). You need a degree to apply for ABSN and they weigh your last 60 hours heavily. With the traditional program they look at your full record. Of course you want to have the highest GPA you can to gain admission. OU has 3 campuses Tulsa, Lawton and OKC. Apply for all of them if you are asked attend one you have 10 days to decide. Transferring is usually not possible. School also starts only every august for traditional and January for ABSN. Hopefully that helps. If you are interested in going there reach out to the admission counselor in OKC she is super helpful. If all else fails and you really want to go to nursing school apply to St. Gregory's or OCU. As long as you have a 3.0 you can attend their school. I will say the cost is about 40k a year. Best of luck with your application
  15. nam6e

    Nurse extern

    If anyone is aware of any extern programs that have not closed yet for this summer in Okc area will you pass along the info for what hospitals?
  16. nam6e

    Nursing School Tuition Assistance in Oklahoma

    That sounds like a private school for sure. Not ocu as they are 40k a year maybe ORU. I would say get your BSN so you don't have to do a career track program. Also, apply for the state programs like ECU, OU, OCU etc. I go to OU only paying 20k for 2 years. Best of luck getting in grades keep increasing!
  17. nam6e

    Looking for some encouragement and advice!

    All you can do is apply. No matter what people tell you here is going to change it. If you are really worried apply to OCU they accept everyone with a 3.0 gpa that has taken all the classes. The st. gregory's also has a rolling application. However, I would recommend applying to as many school as you can afford to. Nursing school is hard to get into, but it is not impossible you will be fine.
  18. nam6e

    OU Traditional Fall 2015

    do you think that getting a text book one edition earlier would make much of a difference? In any other class I have never had a problem. I just wanted to see if it was the same for nursing textbooks. I feel like a lot should not change from one edition to another other than page numbers and a couple of pictures.
  19. nam6e

    OU Traditional Fall 2015

    So, until they tell us anything otherwise I plan on wearing jeans. I have not seen anything said about dressing business casual
  20. nam6e

    Oklahoma City University Fall 2015

    OCU nursing school accepts everyone that applies as long as you meet the guidelines. Hope that helps!
  21. nam6e

    OU Traditional Fall 2015

    Is there any other place that sells the scrubs that are acceptable and within the guidelines somewhere in Oklahoma City/Norman etc? I see from a different trend that: "The schools sells landau brand and the color is wine or merlot" I would love more info if anyone has it.