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  1. PICU_BSN_RN_711

    Samford University CRNA 2020 Applicants

    Hi everyone! I reached out to Allyson Maddox and she informed me we should hear back regarding interviews around the second and third week of June!
  2. PICU_BSN_RN_711

    LSU CRNA 2018

    Congrats all who have received the call and acceptance!! Can you tell me what area code they called you from? Was it 225? I was at work yesterday and received several missed calls but didn't think anything of it
  3. PICU_BSN_RN_711

    LSU CRNA 2018

    Super laid back interview today! We met with 3 of the 6 faculty for 15 minutes, then had the option to take a tour of the school with current students. They're interviewing 90-100 applicants and taking 45 of them. We should be contacted by phone in early October. Good luck everyone!
  4. PICU_BSN_RN_711

    LSU CRNA 2018

    Me too! Hope to see you there!
  5. PICU_BSN_RN_711

    LSU CRNA 2018

    I got an interview too! Which day is everyone interviewing?!!
  6. PICU_BSN_RN_711

    Jax,Florida Grad Nurses,First Job at Baptist in residency program???

    @morgangreen You purchase scrubs in the basement of Baptist Downtown! There's a small closet where you can try on the different options and someone to help you fill out the order form. Definitely wearing scrubs to orientation!
  7. PICU_BSN_RN_711

    Failed nclex, pls help me if you passed Nclex in 2015

    My nursing school paid for Kaplan and I found their approach to answering NCLEX questions less than helpful. I opted for Hurst live review which is a 3 day review course lasting from 08:00-16:00. It's a very interactive review and I walked away feeling more confident about what I could be tested over. Since Hurst doesn't give you a ton of review questions, I downloaded the NCLEX Mastery RN app and would answer questions after reviewing a specific subject (OB, Peds, Neuro, etc) and found this tremendously helpful! Good luck!
  8. PICU_BSN_RN_711

    Random Valuable NCLEX Facts :)

    Thank you for taking the time to research and get these answers! Very helpful!
  9. PICU_BSN_RN_711

    Passed NCLEX-RN In 75 Questions

    I paid for an in-class Hurst review and supplemented that information with downloading the $29.99 NCLEX RN mastery app to answer questions on the content area I had studied and I passed on my first attempt in 75 questions! Would highly recommend these two review courses to anyone!
  10. PICU_BSN_RN_711

    Failed, nclex rn 5 times! Help?!?!

    I completed a HURST review course and downloaded the $29.99 NCLEX RN application on my iPhone! Could not recommend these study methods more! Good luck!!
  11. PICU_BSN_RN_711

    The most comfortable Nursing Shoes

    Dansko clogs, Asics Gel Nimbus (although mine showed wear and tear after a year), or Converses! Don't forget compression socks!
  12. PICU_BSN_RN_711

    What's the BEST nursing shoes?

    I would definitely suggest Dankso clogs, Converses, or Asics Gel Nimbus! Don't forget compression socks because they make a world of difference!
  13. PICU_BSN_RN_711

    Hate my job

    Exactly! We get beat down enough in nursing school to last a lifetime. If the staff you're working with doesn't value you, you can take your skills elsewhere.
  14. PICU_BSN_RN_711

    Are You Cut Out to be an Emergency Department (ED) Nurse?

    Every ED nurse I've ever known embodies these qualities to the fullest! Thanks for posting!
  15. PICU_BSN_RN_711

    Jax,Florida Grad Nurses,First Job at Baptist in residency program???

    So happy to find this thread!! Which units and hospitals is everyone starting on? I am moving to Jacksonville from Georgia and couldn't be more excited! Has anyone found an apartment yet?