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  1. End of Year Reviews...finally done!

    Our company conducts our end of year reviews in March. Normally our supervisors conduct them after we review, assign bonus % and salary monetary raises. The supervisor I manage sadly is out for a few months and I did all of our end of year reviews. M...
  2. End of Year Reviews...finally done!

    Wow! Talk about getting tossed head first! I do not envy you! Glad you survived!
  3. Austin Per Diem?

    Ever try home health? Pay can be up to 150 per visit.
  4. Home Health Interview!?

    I took a few different ones. Most were basic calculations of how many pills for this dose to equal that dose. If they do IV meds expect IV med calculations. One had a drip rate for macro and micro drips. Overall it was pretty straight forward. Best o...
  5. Policies and Procedures

    I helped build my companies P&P's know that no matter what you put in place you will make someone unhappy. Now what we did for holidays is ask for volunteers first with the understanding that everyone will end up working 2 holidays a year. If we ...
  6. Working From Home - Office Requirements?

    It means when on the phone conducting business as a professional we shouldn't be able to hear your dog barking, a child crying or others in your HIPAA compliant office. Essentially being a professional on the phone. Think of it as if you were working...
  7. Kronos Upgrade at my facility. Pros / Cons?

    We use Kronos and it is really easy to use! I love it. Kronos does allow mobile clocking in but we have banned it.
  8. Working From Home - Office Requirements?

    Most places have a work at home policy. We have the following; HIPAA compliant office will include locking door, space where no one can see your screen or listen to your calls, land line phone no VOIP, high speed internet of 20mbps download speed( no...
  9. Can't Get Job With MSN

    How about looking into the insurance sector? Many insurance companies or value-based programs are looking to leverage dialysis experience when developing teams to reduce the cost for dialysis members.
  10. 10 Tips for Resume Readiness

    And please, PLEASE proofread your resume. I prefer to read more than a list of skills. Try to paint the picture that really shows who you are.
  11. Applied to 100 Jobs

    There are many forms of nursing skills you can sharpen. What I look for when I am hiring people is critical thinking skills. I can teach anyone a skills, including patients and their families.
  12. What do nurse managers and clinical directors actually do?

    We just had to do an exercise where we attributed time for each and everything we do as managers. It came out to 72 hours a week not counting interviews and special meetings. I guess I know why I am so tired all the time
  13. CCMC CE's/CEU's

    I am wondering where all CCM's get CE's or CEU's completed? I was certified back in January and would like a one-stop area to keep a running list vs hoping from site to site.
  14. Manual Data Collection

    Our company loves, and a mean LOVES excel spreadsheets. We run reports and manually collect the data. I will say, I learned real quick vlookup, and pivot tables. It doesn't take much time at all now. I even built myself auto reports where I just copy...
  15. Telephonic Case Management Productivity

    In my previous place of employment, I was a supervisor for a telephonic company. I measured staff on calls made and scored their calls. Expectation was to maintain an active caseload of 60 members. I expected success stories monthly. Hope this helps ...
  16. Telephonic Case Manager

    I personally loved using an Autodialer. It did all the smiling and dialing for me and I only spoke with members when they actually answered the phone.
  17. Manager catch phrases

    I just googled some random generator slogan. Slogan Generator Put in teamwork and it spat this out: "The good teamwork connoisseurs" I shall say this at some point in my day tomorrow.
  18. Manager catch phrases

    I just entered the world of management. Let me tell you....I have never been to so many meetings of meetings-meetings. I tell my staff, if you don't tell me what the issues are, I will never know and nothing will change. I also say, I don't know the ...
  19. OMG My CCM exam results just came in!

    I will suggest using the CCM certification made easy 2nd edition book by Deanna Cooper Gillingham. She also has a facebook group that they post daily or near daily prep questions. There is also a study guide that goes along with it. Full disclosure, ...
  20. OMG My CCM exam results just came in!

    I failed back in December but I am please to announce I passed this new test cycle!
  21. OMG My CCM exam results just came in!

    Congrats...I had 1 area that said marginal and failed the whole shabang. I am beyond devastated!
  22. CCMC Exam - no result!

    Mine is a retake. Had all proficient aside from 1 area that was marginal. Booooo!!!!
  23. CCMC Exam - no result!

    I understood it to be a release on the 31st. I am really hoping earlier.
  24. CCMC Exam - no result!

    I am about to burst with this waiting....please let results come out sooner than October 31st. I NEED to know!
  25. How to politely tell a patient "do it yourself"

    Show me how you would...call your doctor so I know you are able to be independent at home. Show me how you would call for your medication refillst? Show me how you will clean up for yourself at home? Great! Now that you have shown me you are able to ...