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  1. Animal House R.N.

    Blinn Bryan LVN transition

    I am hoping to transition into RN program next summer. I've had several people tell me not to take it at Bryan and try to take the program somewhere else. And one of the ladies is a very active and in the know nurse. Is it worth it? Can it be passed? I've retaken A and P at Blinn this last semester and barely passed it. Where as I took the class somewhere else ten years and go and made an A. I've been an LVN for twenty years and don't mind working my butt off.
  2. Animal House R.N.


    Am in Central Tx. Had a round of Flu Type A before the Christmas Holidays. Closed the schools for one day to clean. 2nd and 3rd Week of Jan. the medical unit of CAH had 2 night nurses, one day nurse with flu A, and the local prn nurse out with pneumonia
  3. Animal House R.N.

    Sick of nurses "referring" to our specialty

    Hey guys I would never say school nursing is easy. I have one kid is bipolar and ADHD and the other is a control freak with Vocal cord dysfunction. And y all do this time too *** many. There is no way I would touch it.
  4. Animal House R.N.

    What's the BEST nursing shoes?

    Ok I love my Dansko and the last for about 5 years. When I was at a heavier weight could not wear them. Night nurse (got told I needed to be quieter). Sketchers with memory foam; Hoka's one of the newer trends for shoes; always wear compression socks or hose. I loved the boot idea; for a while I wore Keens hiking boots for no slippage; floors always being done through the eight o'clock med pass.
  5. Animal House R.N.

    Over pronating and Flat foot nurse shoes help!

    Hoka's are good, but go and get fitted, compressions socks help, make sure you get the 8-10 compression to start with if you are not used to them. Dansko's are pretty good, but they are Europeans sizes that you have to go try on to make sure that they fit well. If money is really tight until you get your first check; try Sketchers with memory foam and really thick soles.
  6. Animal House R.N.

    Keep asking full time staff to do overtime

    Girl this is nursing at it's finest. They will work you till you drop. They are not your friend, (except in rare cases). Their job is to cover the empty shifts.
  7. Animal House R.N.

    Ruining My Career?

    Girl go for it. I am transferring out of what some call a cushie job; and going a true med/surg floor that have their own tele monitors. Every one has their own niche and their are not enough diabetic educators. Have a good time with it.
  8. Animal House R.N.

    What do you eat during your shifts?

    ok. I have the same problem. A lot of times when you eat at night it is because you are tired. I have found high protein helps. Tuna fish, boiled eggs, high fiber rice crisps, oranges, and bananas. Also up your water intake, because none of drink enough water. Umm....cheese sticks and sausage sticks of some kind, like bison or turkey. Hope this helps.
  9. Animal House R.N.

    Setting the Precedent: Nurses Fired for Being Sick

    @bubblesbanks You are so right. No one knows how debilitating mental illness is. I am dealing with a bipolar child, who has issues because of the bipolar and then different issues because of the medications she's on.
  10. Animal House R.N.

    Anyone left TNPAP before contract end?

    The BON is not your friend folks. If you cause waves they will take your license if any way possible.
  11. Animal House R.N.

    "We don't hire male RNs" and other things you should never say to me

    It's a shame that these things happen. Unfortunately this happen to my husband twenty years ago and they got away with it.
  12. Animal House R.N.

    Nursing school sucks!

    There are two ways to look at it. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. or if that does not work for you: Embrace the suck.
  13. Animal House R.N.

    What HARD truth have you learned once you became a nurse and/or CNA?

    Burn out is hard to deal with. Just because your a nurse does not mean when your child is diagnosed as bipolar at a young age you handle it any better. Good C.N.A.'s are worth their weight in gold. Going back to school in your forties is not easy. Some days winging is only way to go. Your grades are not who you are as a nurse.
  14. Animal House R.N.

    May the Nurse's Force Be With You

    I have had to chase my oldest daughter around the room and one year it took her father and I both to hold her down for her flu shot. My favorite memory though was I had this really tough looking rancher in and had to give him an Ancef shot. He was trying to insist that I give it in his arm and I refused and told him to "drop the pants, you don't have nothing I've never seen, sir." He dropped the pants and I gave the ancef shot. After that he promptly screamed out "My butts on fire" to which his wife began to giggle. I thought I was going to have to pick both of them up off the floor.
  15. Animal House R.N.

    Make It STOP!

    oh yeah. Remember LPN's are just hand maidens. (sarcasm at it's finest.)
  16. Animal House R.N.

    July 2017 Caption Contest - Select $100 Winner!

    Oh look it's a two for one.
  17. Animal House R.N.

    Lifestyle of a Nurse

    The amount of stress changes from job to job. I've worked LTC off and on for almost 20 years. It is stressful. I have also worked as rural hospitals. Occasionally stressful. The first year is always stressful, because you are learning the difference between the classroom and the real world. And yes there is a very big difference. 2. How much time with your family differs between if you work days or nights, 8 or 12s. I work 12 hours night shift. I see my kids for maybe 2 hours before I go to work. But the rest of the week I'm with them. You also have to plan on meetings at work and comp fairs. 3. Since I'm working at the hospital right now, I'm in a good mood when I get off. 4. Go out on the day I worked yeah right. The rest of the time is spent with my zoo.
  18. Animal House R.N.

    Peer interview

    I had a peer interview without being warned. I honestly liked it better than an interview with just higher ups. You get a chance to see what personalities are like. Be honest with your answers, and ask questions. This is your chance to ask questions about how the floor works. Be yourself and breathe.
  19. Animal House R.N.

    Interview for an Adjunct LVN Instructor, Please Help!!

    Remember to breathe. It is like any other job interview. You will rock this. Let your enthusiasm show through.
  20. Animal House R.N.

    Commuting an hour to work

    I commuted for a little under 3 years. I used that hour and half a day to pray, listen to the radio, and for generally me time. I had two tween girls and a husband, plus I was doing MDS's so this time was the only time I had to myself.
  21. Animal House R.N.

    Complaints only, please!

    So I've changed jobs to a rural hospital. My old job is blowing up my phone. They have no prn staff related to the fact staff is stretched to the breaking point. Hey folks I really do have a life. I mean if this place didn't constantly talk down to folks they would have staff.
  22. Animal House R.N.

    I am a NURSE

    LTC is very rewarding. Just don't beat yourself up if you need a change. I generally work LTC 5 or6 years and then a small town hospital for ayear or two.:Hellboy:
  23. Animal House R.N.

    HO-HO'd out!

    Why in the world do they have carolers at 7pm at night. Most of the residents are in bed asleep.I mean, really
  24. Animal House R.N.

    I'm Not Flaky, Lazy, Or Stupid...

    Thank you for this article. I have been told not to be so open with my adhd. I still have issues with feeling I am not doing my best. I am so lucky I found my husband. He calls my ability to go back to a conversation from much earlier left turn off the freeway. I drive him crazy over the car keys, I amaze him over my abilities to multitasks with our teenage girls. My bosses have told me I am an excellant nurse, organized ( I laughed at this), and I deal with everything with calm, driven ability. Yes the bluntness gets us in trouble. But I've come to the realization, that me being me is good. I'm blunt, cannot read social cues, and have higher standards that I have hold everybody to and that is ok.
  25. Animal House R.N.

    What should the nurse-patient ratio be in long-term care facilities?

    Right now I work 12 hour night shift with 39 patients. Om Mon and tues nights there are orders left over from where the nphas been in the facility. I think that 30 would be much better. I also have a med pass that last from 6 to 9 pm.

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