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Animal House R.N. has 23 years experience as a ADN, CNA, LVN and specializes in Geriatircs/Rural Hospitals.

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  1. Animal House R.N.

    Blinn Bryan LVN transition

    yes I went to Blinn. I had to work full time and go to school. I did not have all A's. They have been changing things around. Check with teachers often. Do what you need to and be respectful of teachers and you will be fine.
  2. Animal House R.N.

    Nursing school sucks!

    There are two ways to look at it. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. or if that does not work for you: Embrace the suck.
  3. Animal House R.N.

    What HARD truth have you learned once you became a nurse and/or CNA?

    Burn out is hard to deal with. Just because your a nurse does not mean when your child is diagnosed as bipolar at a young age you handle it any better. Good C.N.A.'s are worth their weight in gold. Going back to school in your forties is not easy. Some days winging is only way to go. Your grades are not who you are as a nurse.
  4. Animal House R.N.

    May the Nurse's Force Be With You

    I have had to chase my oldest daughter around the room and one year it took her father and I both to hold her down for her flu shot. My favorite memory though was I had this really tough looking rancher in and had to give him an Ancef shot. He was trying to insist that I give it in his arm and I refused and told him to "drop the pants, you don't have nothing I've never seen, sir." He dropped the pants and I gave the ancef shot. After that he promptly screamed out "My butts on fire" to which his wife began to giggle. I thought I was going to have to pick both of them up off the floor.
  5. Animal House R.N.

    Make It STOP!

    oh yeah. Remember LPN's are just hand maidens. (sarcasm at it's finest.)
  6. Animal House R.N.

    Blinn Bryan LVN transition

    I am hoping to transition into RN program next summer. I've had several people tell me not to take it at Bryan and try to take the program somewhere else. And one of the ladies is a very active and in the know nurse. Is it worth it? Can it be passed? I've retaken A and P at Blinn this last semester and barely passed it. Where as I took the class somewhere else ten years and go and made an A. I've been an LVN for twenty years and don't mind working my butt off.
  7. Animal House R.N.

    I'm Not Flaky, Lazy, Or Stupid...

    Thank you for this article. I have been told not to be so open with my adhd. I still have issues with feeling I am not doing my best. I am so lucky I found my husband. He calls my ability to go back to a conversation from much earlier left turn off the freeway. I drive him crazy over the car keys, I amaze him over my abilities to multitasks with our teenage girls. My bosses have told me I am an excellant nurse, organized ( I laughed at this), and I deal with everything with calm, driven ability. Yes the bluntness gets us in trouble. But I've come to the realization, that me being me is good. I'm blunt, cannot read social cues, and have higher standards that I have hold everybody to and that is ok.
  8. Animal House R.N.

    What should the nurse-patient ratio be in long-term care facilities?

    Right now I work 12 hour night shift with 39 patients. Om Mon and tues nights there are orders left over from where the nphas been in the facility. I think that 30 would be much better. I also have a med pass that last from 6 to 9 pm.
  9. Animal House R.N.

    Orienting as a new nurse

    There will be times that it happens. Voice your concerns and if you stll have to do it, then just show that nurse what you know. Is never fun but this too shall pass.
  10. Animal House R.N.

    I give in, I'm a COB

    I have done this job in multiple states and have been doing for what seems like way to long some days. So If I do not qualify in years then its what I want to do when I grow up. I do love to teach and I am good at it most of the time. AND I have learned alot from COB's.
  11. Animal House R.N.

    I'm an LPN and I understand.

    You need to remember that when getting your BSN you will more than likely to be oriented by "is not a nurse" person. So get off your high horse.
  12. Animal House R.N.

    Another chapter for the book

    Get a grip.
  13. Animal House R.N.

    Scripting sounds patronizing

    I cannot do scripting. I am a very direct person. My residents know this and love me for it. The other nurses I work with know me for it. Hell the Don knows me for it too. Love me . I am one of those folks that do not recognize social cues and scripting goes with it. My thought is we have problem a and b will fix it. So let's do b. I am busy, and need to move on next. So that being said I would have told her you made a mistake and you can help fix it. Call so and so and let's get it done.
  14. Animal House R.N.

    1st LPN job in a prison. Need advice

    Its hard anywhere you go when you feel like you are fumbling. Just take deep breathes and remember that everyone was new once. As far as toxic goes, you will have some people who are unhappy. Either you have to learn to ignore them, or just keep up a happy face. For some reasons a lot of experienced nurses feel the need to eat their young. Big sigh. If you like the other parts of your job just keep with it you will get there.
  15. Animal House R.N.

    LPN with new job offer!!

    From one night shift nurse to another keep a sense of humour. In my facility we order meds, file anything that needs to be filed, checking orders to make sure they are in computers and new meds have been ordered, nursing summaries, and I do my own night time med pass, I and o's. Ok tricks to help most places have assignment sheets grab one and have the night nurse write down who takes meds crushed and in what, who has special request, have several who drink cold water, and who ask for pain pills every night. Good luck and hope you like your new job.
  16. Animal House R.N.

    Please share bad experiences as a new nurse

    You have bad days no matter what level of nursing you are at. Just remember to keep a sense of humour and a positive outlook.

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