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  1. Any Urgent Care nurses out there?

    I am an urgent care RN (as of this spring -08) I absolutely love it and feel very lucky to have gotten the job. I tried to find a forum just for us nurses but could not find one. Can anyone point me to it? I see where someone kept saying try the E...
  2. Do you remember me??? AmyD_RN???

    Oh girl I hear ya! I could write a book on feeling depressed and having low self worth. 12 years worth to be exact! But it wasnt' all bad, it took me a few year to really get in a groove being a stay at home mom. But once I did i loved it. I would no...
  3. Do you remember me??? AmyD_RN???

    Some of you on here might not remember me as you are on the nclex board studying your little butts off. But, I have been a member here for a few years now and if you look at my post you can read alittle about my situation. In a nut shell I grad. ...
  4. 2?s: Length of Orientation, Favorite Peds books

    Hi there, not sure about anyone else but I am working at the moment on call for PEDS. I got 2 months orientation and there is a job opening coming up on day shift that they said I could have another 3 months if I wanted. That and I get to say whe...
  5. i am unhappy!!!!

    fjohnson51, I don't frequent this board too much anymore just cause I have passed since June 6th (when I found out). but what I can tell you is hand in there and like someone else said before me tie your knot and hang on!!! I am convienced that if...
  6. What is your job title? I am wondering cause I have an interview coming up for "wellness director" at a local ALF. Thanks Amy RN
  7. so what does a job like that usually pay or what pay should I not work below?
  8. Hi all, my name is Amy I am going to an interview at a local ASL for the wellness director. Can any of you tell me what this job is and how much you can expect in pay? It says part time 24 hours a week but I was just wanting to pick someone's brai...
  9. I'm about to take the plunge again

    had asked a question here but answered it already. sorry!
  10. I'M here! Barely but here! I just got done with 2 weeks of orientation (classroom type) and I start on the ED floor this thursday, I have 3 days of 11-11;30pm then go to days which is 7a-7:30p then afer however long precepting is (I have heard dif...
  11. well I know what you mean about sleep patterns I too was used to 11p or 12 p then getting up at 6:30 now I am falling asleep around 9-9:30p and getting up at 5am dog tired! This week has been an eye opener that I would not work full time mon-friday ...
  12. New to ed

    yup I agree USIJurgy, I noticed that all the boards other than the nclex board get replied to alot slower but that is cause everyone is working, there are so many newbies (me included-hince the fact why I didnt reply) that we dont feel we can answe...
  13. I'm drowning in a sea of policies and paperwork!!!!! not too mention the stuff inbetween. webed, skills lab, computer know how, pixis,passwords, procedures etc etc.........argh! will this ever get easier?
  14. Can't believe I ever stressed about not being up on my skills.....LOL they go over everything in orientation and you have to pass the skill to move on..........Whew!
  15. New Grad thinking to start career in the ER

    Can you tell me what you LOVE about it??? I will be on the ED floor sometime end of this month! AmyD RN