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  1. Transition from Med/surg/tele to L&D

    Hey nothing enlightening to add, just bumping this post because I am in a similar boat and interested to see any answers!
  2. Just took my NCLEX PN this morning and I'm experiencing the the normal amount of relief and dread. I was cut off after the minimum number of questions (85 for me, 75 for RN) which freaks me out a little, and while I've read everything on the whole i...
  3. Informal poll: NCLEX Pass/Fail, Minimum questions (85 PN, 75RN)

    I passed!!
  4. I'm a newly minted LPN on the job hunt and wrestling with my resume. I worked through school as a CNA, and will be including that in my previous work experience (naturally) but I'm not clear as to whether I should include my CNA certification in my l...
  5. Hi there, I'm a newbie student at the beginning of my nursing education (1 year down!), and though my CNM credential is a long way off, midwifery is the reason I decided to dive into the nursing field. I am an information-seeking type of person, and ...
  6. Reading Recommendations for a future CNM student?

    Thank you! I have read (and loved) Baby Catcher, and I just watched After Tiller per your recommendation, and am now evangelizing about it to everyone I know. :) Looking forward to Mama Sherpas!