Informal poll: NCLEX Pass/Fail, Minimum questions (85 PN, 75RN)

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  1. Did you pass your NCLEX with the minimum number of questions (85 for PN, 75 for RN)?

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      Also still awaiting results and am obsessively seeking this info everywhere online. ;)

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Just took my NCLEX PN this morning and I'm experiencing the the normal amount of relief and dread.

I was cut off after the minimum number of questions (85 for me, 75 for RN) which freaks me out a little, and while I've read everything on the whole internet about how the number of questions you complete does not indicate anything about your pass/fail status, I'm just curious (and totally fishing for some anxiety relief) to see how Minimum Question People fared.

finished mine in 85 scared to death the home screen on pearson vue says i cannot register for anouther test at this time. hope thats a good thing. had alot of sata drugs proritization mother baby a few exibits. the anxiety is killing me...

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I passed the NCLEX PN in 85 questions. I figured that meant I failed horribly or passed. I figured it was more likely I'd passed. The quick results weren't available in my state. This was about 2 yrs ago so I did the pearson vue trick and got the good pop up.

I also had a lot of "difficult" questions. My NCLEX prep instructor had explained that there are higher level questions as well as passing level questions. Because I had a lot of harder questions, I figured I was doing well.

Try not to worry to much! You just have to sit tight and wait for official results! 😀

I passed!! :D

I passed!! :D

Congrats! I'll take a minute to address your "poll", don't need a poll to tell you that most of the people who receive only the minimum number of questions pass, it's simple statistics. Approximately 85% of US-educated candidates pass the exam on their first attempt, so the odds are significant that anyone getting the minimum would pass. Poll ended ;)

Most people walk out of the testing site feeling like they failed. Most have not failed. People often remark about the difficulty level of the questions indicating how they were doing....they cannot know this with any degree of certainty, however. One person's "hard" question is another one's "simple" question. Unless you are an expert in pedagogy and Bloom's Taxonomy, you are NOT going to begin to know if your test questions were above or below the passing standard.

There is ONE truth out there, though, that IS worth noting: if your exam stops at the minimum number of questions you either did very well and could demonstrate competency did very poorly and demonstrated your incompetency very quickly.

If candidates really objectively review what kind of students they were, the rigor of their college, the schools' NCLEX passing rates....they'll know how they did ;)

Congrats again :)

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