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  1. NSC or UNLV?

    Hello all! :) I am looking for some advice from anyone in the Nevada area who knows about the nursing programs. I am currently a student at UNLV but I have never been a pre-nursing major, I was in a major that had nothing to do with health sciences a...
  2. Unlv nursing program?

    Hello there. I am wondering if anyone out there can give me some info on unlvs nursing program. I am currently a student at unlv but I was enrolled in their hospitality management program. But I did not feel like this was the place for me, I absolute...
  3. UNLV summer 2015 Nursing

    Mseiboldt thank you for your reply. I have not taken any on that sheet yet but math 120 in which I got a C therefore I will have to retake in order to get a B. I believe if I get good grades in those classes I will have a good chance. Thanks again an...
  4. UNLV summer 2015 Nursing

    Hi guys. Sorry to interrupt I know you are all very excited about possibly being accepted to the nursing program. But I have a few questions and I am wondering if you can help me since I finally found a thread about the Unlv nursing program that is c...
  5. Hi there! I am new to all nurses so please excuse me if I am positing this question in the wrong area. I am currently a student at UNLV in Las Vegas I have been attending school for about a year and a half, I was attending the hospitality management ...