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  1. Federally or in AZ specifically, what nursing-related legislation would you like to see created/passed? Or upheld better? Just want to get a discussion going. For me I’d like to see Arizona’s HB2503 signed into law regarding assault against healthcare workers... hopefully soon!
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    Hi everyone, I'm American, but I graduated from a Canadian BSN program and have been working in Canada ever since. I do plan to move back to Arizona, so I went through CGFNS and (finally!) was issued my CES report last month. CGFNS did submit my CES to the AZ State Board of Nursing, but I haven't gotten any further information. Do I need to open an application with AZBN too? Or does my report automatically become my application? Thank you for any answers... I'm lost!
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    UBC BSN September 2015 Applicants

    Has anyone received their official "Letter of Admission" - either on the SSC or by mail? I'm an international student so I'm waiting on that letter to submit my study permit application. The sooner the better so I just want to make sure I'm not overlooking it somewhere...!