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  1. (I apologize, I have no idea what section this goes into) Hello everyone, I’m here with a very heavy heart because I worked so hard for my nursing license and now it is in jeopardy. I was in a very abusive relationship for 1.5 years. He had angry is...
  2. Hiring Mgr: We will let you know in 2 weeks

    In my experience I've never had an employer call me back just to tell me I didn't get the job. I did however once get a "thank you for applying but you were not selected" email. Unless this is your super dream job you shouldn't stress over it. Apply ...
  3. New Nurse Dealing With Depression?

    Yes, I am diagnosed type 2 bipolar disorder. It's mostly managed except for the depression lately. I'm afraid of a breakdown because it usually ends with ppl thinking I'm crazy. I quit my old job at Walmart because of an incident. Funny thing, when ...
  4. Select All that Apply

    THE DREAD!! I take boards this Tuesday. I do feel prepared after Hurst and many many questions but something is bugging me. In a SATA style question, could the answer be ALL OF THEM??? Doing practice questions there have been a few times I checked ...
  5. New Nurse Dealing With Depression?

    I am thinking about going back into therapy. Only problem is my insurance doesnt cover mental health, yay Thank you. I'm hoping it is just stress since I'm in a transition period of my life
  6. So I just accepted a job offer. Nice pay, nice hospital, step-down ICU, staff seems super friendly and helpful based on my tour and shadow shift. Great stuff, right? Except....I'm not happy. I feel no excitement about starting my new career. It's not...
  7. HARDER to get a PRN job???

    So I was cruising job listings out of boredom (I'm still a student, May 2017) and came across this while reading a job description: Must have previous experience since this is a prn position Part time jobs simply said experience highly preferred. I ...
  8. Student Nurse With Questions!!

    hey there! I'm a senior nursing student and I guess I got lucky when I landed a NICU nurse tech job at the end of my junior year. I don't get much hands on patient care related experience except for feeding/changing diapers/giving baths/taking temps ...
  9. thank you, everyone! I ended up checking that box for nights. I hope I won't regret it :)
  10. Hey everyone. so next semester is my last semester and today we got paperwork about our preferences for precepting. one of the boxes asked if we would be interested in 7p-7a shifts I've always felt like night shift would mesh better with my life but...
  11. I don't know if it's against the rules or something to do so. like a conflict of interest situation
  12. no answers, guys?
  13. sorry, I didn't know what section to put this. I've only ever posted one other time on this site So basically, I've been applying around for nurse tech jobs since I'm close to graduating. I had an interview at one and accepted their offer. a few days...
  14. Hello, I am in my 3rd semester of clinicals and I am now on a telemetry floor. The patients are way sicker than what I am used to and codes are called frequently. In the 5 weeks since clinical began, we have already had 3 student assigned patients di...