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  1. Hello! I'm a new grad starting my first nursing job at an outpatient dialysis unit. This might seem really silly, but I need help cannulating patients with fistulas and grafts. Sometimes I get them, and sometimes I don't - some other time I just need to push the needle further to get a backflow. I had instances where patients have weak pulses and backflows won't show initially. I guess my confidence is just at a low because of this and would like to hear tips on how to better stick patients. My preceptor have taught me to hold the fistula/graft - i've seen people pull the skin taut with their thumb and index finger. Sometimes I wonder if I'm pushing the needle way too superficial or if I'm not pushing it deep enough to reach the access. Even with removing the needles, I have a hard time timing the pressure with the gauze and the removal of the needle while engaging the lock. I know it's going to take a lot of practice, but I would like to hear what everyone has done to make these tasks easier for you! PLEASE HELP! :(
  2. aarnigo

    HELP! New grad ADN w no experience.

    Hello! I recently graduated with an ADN and I am very concern about how I'll have my resume set up. I have no nursing experience whatsoever besides my clinical rotations. I have clerical/shift supervisor, waitress, and some work study experiences, though. How do I prevent my resume from being sent straight to the trash bin? Any advice is appreciated!