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  1. ER to ICU?

    Hey, so this is a little late for this thread. I made the transition from ED (1 year of experience) to an ICU at a level one trauma center. It's very high acuity and I take care of TICU, NICU, MICU, SICU, and sometimes CVICU patients. You can do it! ...
  2. I got my master's in science in health informatics just this May! However, in March I moved to a new city and decided to switch specialties from ER to ICU. I was trained and am 3 months into being an ICU nurse. I had initially planned on applying to ...
  3. How do I find the endorsement application for Ohio?

    Thank you so much!!!!
  4. Hello, I recently received my dream RN job in Ohio. I am a California RN, and I am scrambling to get my Ohio license. I have filled out the online application at https://elicense.ohio.gov/. However, I know that I need to send an endorsement applicat...