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NJSassyCat has 3 years experience as a ADN, BSN.

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  1. NJSassyCat

    Tips, tips, tips? :)

    Hi fellow nurses! I'm going to be a new school nurse at a public school starting this September. The only specialty I have is in med-surg and step down unit. No peds experience! I'm going to have a day of orientation with the former school nurse, but that's it. I have visited the school and it's around >600 kids. There will be a sub nurse coming in a few times out of the week for a few hours. Are there are any tips that I need to know or any resources you may have found useful? What do you usually do on your first day? I believe there is hundreds of paperwork piled up on your desks. Also, there are a few asthmatics and type 1 diabetics in the school. Thank you so much. :)
  2. NJSassyCat

    Newark Beth Israel NJ

    A few were hired straight out of nursing school. A few of us decided on a residency program. Which, by the way, I highly recommend. Usually residency programs teach you up to a year(some six months) in most specialties like ICU. I suggest go on Indeed.com and search for RN Residency programs in NJ. Hackensack hospital and their affiliates like: Jersey Shore Med, Riverview, Mountainside, and Ocean have residencies. 🙂
  3. NJSassyCat

    Newark Beth Israel NJ

    Well, for me - they were offering me in the mid 30’s. Im almost positive it was 35 for nights and didn’t have much experience. 🙂 A few were offered in med-surg, telemetry/step-down units. Hope that helped!
  4. NJSassyCat

    How many people made it to the end of the program?

    ADN. We started with around 80 and graduated with 53. Not counting those that were in the LPN-bridge program (which was around 3).
  5. NJSassyCat

    New NCLEX Format

    When I took the exam in late August, I had 47 SATA questions (I tallied it on the white board they give us) and I was internally panicking all the way through. Luckily I passed as well and so did most of my nursing class. 😓 but it was nerve wrecking.
  6. NJSassyCat

    Newark Beth Israel NJ

    I’m an old new grad and was also offered a position at another hospital for med-surg as well and while the pay is less, they do offer amazing training. It depends on the unit you’re in for Newark Beth, but I just didn’t like the atmosphere. Just my two cents. Good luck on your journey!
  7. NJSassyCat

    Newark Beth Israel NJ

    Hi RNCharm, I recently was hired to Newark Beth, but declined the job. You will meet with HR and nurse manager at the unit you applied for. They will ask you the typical questions like: Why do you want to work here? Why nursing? Why should we choose you? Etc. Before that, you will be asked for 5 references to input onto their SkillSurvey website. IMO I just found the whole hiring process a little unprofessional on my part, but my curiosity peeked and I went to interview anyway. I have a few classmates who work there now. Some like it... and some want to get out ASAP (hospital politics, rude seasoned nurses) , but are waiting for their 1 year of experience. The pay is great too.
  8. NJSassyCat

    Grades when you were in Nursing School

    I totally understand, OP. I, too, had to have 80 or better in nursing school to be able to pass onto the next nursing course. The first two semesters, I did pretty well. The last two -- Med-Surg II + Pediatrics and ICU courses were the roughest. I was barely making it above water and guess what? I passed and then I passed the NCLEX (while thinking that I totally fail. Yay pessimistic thoughts and anxiety). I was better and am still better in a hospital setting as I'm more confident and can think quickly on my feet. Like others have suggested: Go talk to your faculty. Review the correct answer and the wrong answers, but mostly importantly is to have an understanding on WHY the answer was correct and yours was wrong. Take good notes as well. If your CI emphasis something during lectures, write it down, put a star, circle it, etc. If you have tutoring provided at your school then make an appointment. You CAN do it.
  9. NJSassyCat

    Thinking about relocating.

    Thank you so much Nursy. It's funny that you mentioned New Mexico. It's at the top of my list since I started thinking about relocation. I researched the area and it's almost exactly the type of place I would like to live in. Is the salary for RNs good? Would I also need a car to get to places or is transportation reliable?
  10. NJSassyCat

    Thinking about relocating.

    Hi everyone! 🙂 So, after finally graduating and passing my NCLEX and taking two months off to spend time with my family... I started applying for jobs. It's so hard here in New Jersey to get an interview! I'm thinking about relocating to anywhere in the U.S. as a new grad. Since most of you are experienced with this... Do you know any hospitals/states that are in need of nurses, especially Spanish speaking ones? I think it'll be an exciting experience to live in another part of the U.S. Any advice would be great appreciated! Thank you!
  11. NJSassyCat

    RN with no work experience

    Thank you so much for your kind words. 🙂 This honestly helped me so much!
  12. NJSassyCat

    RN with no work experience

    Hi everyone! I just graduated last June from nursing school and passed by NCLEX in September and after some time off due to family emergencies, I am finally applying to some jobs in NJ. My problem is that I have no work experience and I'm a bit scared to start applying to some jobs and then get rejected. It seems all employers are looking for job experience. I did ask two of my clinical instructors to write me a letter of recommendation. Should I send it along with my resume and will these letters help? Thank you everyone.
  13. NJSassyCat

    New grad with no work experience

    Hi everyone! I just graduated nursing school this June and plan on taking the NCLEX this July. I have a slight issue though -- I'm not confident I will receive a job offer because I do not have any work experience whatsoever. I do have a few volunteer hours, but nothing else other than that. I had family responsibilities that took up my time when I was not class or doing clinicals. So, my questions is: What can I do to freshen up my resume? Should I volunteer? Should I have any certifications under my belt (other than my BLS) before I start applying? Any input would be appreciated! :)
  14. NJSassyCat

    HCCC / CarePoint Health SON AS-RN Fall 2016

    It honestly depends. I'm going to my third semester at HCCC and the hours keep getting longer. For Fundamentals, I remember that it was 3 days per week -- Tuesday was lecture for 2 hours and Wednesday + Thursday were rotations from 8-12 p.m. Med Surg I was longer. Tuesday + Wednesday were lectures from 10-12 or 1 (Mondays were test days and we had the same Tuesday off that same week), Thursday and Friday were rotations from 8-2 p.m. Hope that helps!
  15. NJSassyCat

    Carepoint Health Fall 2016

    No problem! You can ask me anything. :) The references, from what I heard, was supposed to be filled out with the accompanying application. However, you should call them and verify. Let me give you a piece of advice on the NLN book -- forget the reading portion, okay? You either know it or don't. I suggest reading an SAT book instead. The Math is dead on -- so practice, practice, practice! If you see a question on the NLN exam that doesn't pertain to the NLN book then skip it. Chances are those questions aren't counted. For the science, I had a lot of physics questions. Maybe 75% of it. I suggest you grab any highschool physics textbook and skim around it. Also, BOZEMAN SCIENCE on youtube helped A LOT for the science portion. He explains it very easily. You got this, okay? Don't sweat it. Pray, meditate, etc. I didn't have the highest GPA myself when I got in. Eh, I'm doing well, but the exams are relatively harder than last years (I was told this from a friend who graduated there.) However, there is tutoring, plenty of books, and resources at your disposal. The professors are phenomenal and the students got your back.
  16. NJSassyCat

    Carepoint Health Fall 2016

    Hello, I submitted it a bit too late and was put on the waitlist. I suggest you do submit everything in December. I was speaking to my nursing counseler the other day (to register for nursing 120) and she said there were over 400 applications for Fall 2016. Be early. No later than February to get into the Fall 2017 program. If you're speaking about the personal essay, I did mine handwritten. :) I'm not sure what the passing score is. I did score into the mid 90 percentile in the reading, math, and science. I suggest doing well in both math and science (esp. Science) and make sure you get the red NLN book.