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  1. Npstudentct did you ever end up finding reliable clinical placements in CT? I'm having the same issue in that area and would love any insight! Thank you.
  2. DUKE DNP/MSN Spring 2018

    Hi All, I'm a bit late to this thread but I will be attending the Jan 8th orientation as a Post-Master's FNP student, looking forward to meeting you all! I'd love to set up a FaceBook group if anyone is interested in meeting up on Monday, feel free ...
  3. Columbia ETP 2016

    Hi All, I was accepted into the MDE program only as well (applied to this only) and am so excited! Congratulations to all who have been accepted and good luck to those still on their journey. I have lived in NYC for 5+ years and am happy to answer ...
  4. Duke Spring 2016 ABSN

    Hi Sunshine! That would great thank you! I would love to get the perspective of a local. If you can PM me so we can respect the rest of the people on the forum and perhaps chat one to one. Looking forward to meeting next week! :) my email is a...
  5. Duke Spring 2016 ABSN

    @ Beckerz I'm not sure how many applied this year but I believe about 140 were accepted? there's varying stats on the acceptance rate. If anyone who was accepted this year is local I would love some insight! Coming from NYC and new to the area, wil...
  6. Duke Spring 2016 ABSN

    @mizsard23 I am also coming from out of town (NYC!) and will be a total newbie to the area. I'm planning to attend the Friday Duke Days as well if you would like to meet up! Congratulations to the others who were accepted and best of luck to the wa...
  7. Molloy College DDP Program Admissions Info

    Hi there, what ended up happening did you get into Molloy? I am in the process of applying to their DDP now but have already taken a few prereqs for other schools as well. Would love to hear about the rest of your experience with them!
  8. Hi All, I am an adult returning to school to get my RN-BSN and already hold a non-nursing BA. I know that I want to go all the way and get my NP eventually but am starting with my ABSN. I'm looking at programs only in Manhattan where I live and woul...