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  1. Aurora University Spring 2017

    Hello, I am looking at Aurora university in aurora, IL! I am wonderinf if any current students can share there gpa and teas score? Also any tips and how do they like the program? Is the patho class required before the first semester of nursing classe...
  2. Aurora University Spring 2017

    Im looking at Aurora University in Aurora, IL. I have some question for current students or future students. What is your GPA and TEAS scores? Is the patho class required before admission or can you take it during the program? What is the acceptance ...
  3. Resurrection University Fall 2016.

    Hello, I am making this to talk about any questions, comments, and concerns for students applying for Fall 2016. Also any advice or comments from former or current students.
  4. Broward College Nursing January 2016

    I am looking at nursing schools in Florida. Currently live in Chicago but plan on moving and applying for Spring 2017. What's the average GPA for acceptance?
  5. Saint Anthony College of Nursing Spring 2016

    Congrats! No I plan on applying soon for the Spring 2017 program!
  6. Saint Anthony College of Nursing Spring 2016

    okay! have you started the program? If you don't mind me asking what was your gpa and teas score?
  7. Saint Anthony College of Nursing Spring 2016

    What is the accelerated BSN program?!
  8. OSHA and CNA work

    I am a cna at an assisted living. I was wondering if it is ridiculous to report a complaint to osha. At my work we are pressured to do all the laundry, dishes, set dinning room, do activities, and on top of that take care of 55 residents that 80% are...
  9. CNA job to demanding?

    First off becoming a CNA I knew it was going to be lots of hard work! I know its no walk in the park. I have been working at my assisted living for about 9 months. Don't get me wrong I love my residents I love doing resident care. They put a smile on...
  10. Can I accomplish becoming an RN at 26?

    I think if you really want to become a nurse you will. You need a true passion it sounds like you have that but DONT doubt yourself. You are definitely not too old. All the girls I work with are about the same age and are just applying to nursing. I ...
  11. Should I be worried about losing my job?

    I am a CNA and today I went into work at 6am. The DON came around the corner and asked if I could come to her office. When we got to her office she told me that I was being send home because there is a formal complaint and an open investigation about...
  12. Understanding better Nursing

    In order to be a nurse you have to be willing to put others before you. Your constantly taking care of people who are sick and they rely on you. Its a very rewarding job! It really takes a special person with compassion and love to become a nurse, we...
  13. Applying to UIC Nursing.. help

    I have a friend I work with shes a CNA now, she got accepted into UIC last year. She says its EXTREMLY competitive and one of the best programs around! She has a 4.0 gpa, 100 hours off volunteer, and she also said her being a can for 4 years helped h...
  14. Should I be worried about losing my job?

    Sorry haven't been on for a while!!! Well outcome was I returned back the next day. I got lucky because the day the incident took place I was bringing the resident back to her room to lay her down because she had leg pain. Thank god the director was ...
  15. Honestly it seems to me you don't want to be a nurse that bad. If you did you would find a way! Go to school over summer take a few semesters off, take online courses. I will do anything to go through nursing school because its something im passionat...
  16. Should I be worried about losing my job?

    Going in for a meeting now, thank you!