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  1. yellow_cadels

    RECIPROCITY to California - RN Graduate from the PHILIPPINES

    Hi krisCS: did you mean you were not able to submit a copy of your clinical cases to the board of nursing as well?
  2. yellow_cadels

    RECIPROCITY to California - RN Graduate from the PHILIPPINES

    Hi chelle719: we're on the same boat... what did the board of nursing do when they knew you no longer have copies of your clinical cases? I had our dean make a certification stating herself to attest that i have completed those cases since they were pre requisites to taking the board exam... still waiting for feedback from brn if that lette worked... im willing to retake the ms as a consequence of not having a copy of clinical cases... and other deficiency subjects though...
  3. Hi everyone, internationally educated nurse, NCLEX-RN passer Vermont state, 3 years RN experience abroad, do you have ideas on where to take up the BSN course in California the fastest and the cheapest school as much as possible... preferably around Los Angeles area... Thanks...
  4. yellow_cadels

    Anyone who is working in Davita

    my hubby works at davita... which branch are you?
  5. thanks steppybay... so far from all the papers required by the CA BRN, it;s only the OR cases that my school is not able to provide. all the others, they already have submitted... in your opinion, as far as you know, do you think CA BRN would deny my endorsement application and just advise me to take additional courses in MS again plus all the other deficiencies i have? coz i knw they already have deciisons for my other subjects aside from the MS because i wasnt able to submit my OR cases...
  6. yellow_cadels

    Nclex aug 25 - Problem w medications

    same feeling when i had my NCLEX exam before! just be positive! believe in yourself! your instinct! pray... Goodluck! =D
  7. Hi nurses... im currently in the process of endorsing my license from VT to CA. I was asked for copies of my clinical cases but my school and the licensing agency back in my country has disposed my records already. I am willing to do additional course work here in California though. But my question is, if they are not able to get those records from me or from my school, would they deny my application and advise me to take up additional courses to satisfy my deficiencies? or they just leave me hanging until i'd be able to provide them copies of those cases? I'd rather do additional course works than just leaving my application hanging... Hope someone of the same situation would be able to help me in my dilemma or whoever has knowledge or idea about this. Thank you so much...
  8. hi. i saw your comment when i was back reading this thread and learned that we're in the same situation... i don't have a copy of my clinical cases as well... my school and so as the prc already have disposed all the records from my batch, 2007... what did you do, and how did it go? my dean made a certification attesting that i was able to complete those cases as those were pre requisites for us to take the NLE. i do not have an idea if this would suffice though. i am willing to take additional course work here anyway as long as they give final evaluation as to what courses should i be taking up... how about your case? how's it going on now? hope yo hear from you...
  9. yellow_cadels

    NO Copy of CLinical CAses- Applying for NCLEX-Cali

    hi, we're on the same boat... i lost my clinical cases too... prc nor my school dnt have copies of it anymore... mine were lost... how did your application with BRN go? I had my school send a certification that i was able to comply with the required cases... i dont know if it would suffice...
  10. does this means they will totally reject my application for endorsement if i cannot give them my copy of clinical cases from philippines? i am willing to take the MS or OB or whatever deficiency here though...
  11. Hi everyone... May I know of someone of the same situation as mine? I am currenly applying for an endorsment of my license fro the State of Vermont to California. I am a Philippine graduate and just like all the others, I am asked for the clinical cases reords to check whether its concurrent or not. But the thing is my school and myself dno longer have cpies of my clinical cases... What did you guys do and how did it go? What were the results? Did it resuly to permanent rejection of the application? Hope not... Please tell me this could be supplemented by taking up the MS/OB courses here just like other concurrency deficiencies... Replies would be greatly appreciated...
  12. yellow_cadels

    Endorsement from Vermont to California

    Happy Holidays! I'm a newbie here... Is there anyone here who have tried applying for Endorsement of RN license from Vermont to California. I got my degree from the Philippines 2007, and passed the NCLEX in 2009. Replies will be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much.