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Lost/No Copy/No Record of OR/DR assists/clinical cases for California BRN

Hi nurses... im currently in the process of endorsing my license from VT to CA. I was asked for copies of my clinical cases but my school and the licensing agency back in my country has disposed my records already. I am willing to do additional course work here in California though. But my question is, if they are not able to get those records from me or from my school, would they deny my application and advise me to take up additional courses to satisfy my deficiencies? or they just leave me hanging until i'd be able to provide them copies of those cases? I'd rather do additional course works than just leaving my application hanging... Hope someone of the same situation would be able to help me in my dilemma or whoever has knowledge or idea about this. Thank you so much...

You can certainly try to submit your application using the CA BRN appeals process, but you will need some very good proof and evidence for something for the CA BRN appeals review board to show why you could not produce the needed transcripts.

Remember you only have one year from the date of declined notice letter to file or you will lose your rights for further re-evaluation.

Others have used and mentioned submitting partial transcripts (due to attending different schools) to having their previous transcript evaluation done by CGFNS or CES or other similar companies or having their schools authenticate their courses but so far, all have not been granted the ATT and the CA BRN previous decision to decline the application stood firm "as is".

Taking additional courses will not work nor be a solution to the missing or lack of sufficient transcripts as there's no way to determine if your courses taken may be missing other minimum required courses or cases.

You should know that in order to re-take any deficient courses and to be considered to be added on the wait-list, the CA school's admission office or evaluator needs the actual CA BRN letter of rejection to know what courses are missing. It is a waste of their time as well as your's to simply put your name on the wait list when there are several hundreds who can document their deficient courses and have a much higher priority.

One way to resolve the situation is to re-take the nursing program from the start, it's not the most popular way but the fastest, but you will read of many others who have supplied the CA BRN with their full transcripts from the PH and the CA BRN's recommendation was to re-take the entire nursing program, which is due to they were missing more than the usual MS-OB courses or just that it may be quicker to re-do the entire nursing program than to try to fight the year(s) long waiting to just get enrolled before their 3 year limitation comes up or else, the application becomes abandoned.

The other option is to try the LVN-RN route but I'm not sure if you'll run into the same exact problem with the BVNPT of not having the transcripts for the LVN evaluator to review.

Other option to take CA off the radar and simply need to move on and work and practice in another state and come home to CA to visit, that's the harsh and real reality of not being able to get licensed in CA and so true of so many others in the same situation as yours.

Remember the proof of burden is placed on you, not the CA BRN.

You can thank the other greedy and selfish PH nurses and grads who have been submitting false paperwork and have gotten caught. While they are few in numbers, it has definitely tarnished the reputation once held high and made the thousands of the more honest and hard working students (and their family and their support group) fall from the sky and sink into the mud.

The CHED, PRC and PNA needs to be blamed in many instances for the shortcomings that have plagued the PH applicants. They simply dropped the ball for so many years, never ever thought the CA BRN would always look the other way and ignore the concurrency rules.

The arrows needs to be pointed at the CHED, PRC and PNA to help resolve these issues. Go to the source of the problems!

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thanks steppybay... so far from all the papers required by the CA BRN, it;s only the OR cases that my school is not able to provide. all the others, they already have submitted... in your opinion, as far as you know, do you think CA BRN would deny my endorsement application and just advise me to take additional courses in MS again plus all the other deficiencies i have? coz i knw they already have deciisons for my other subjects aside from the MS because i wasnt able to submit my OR cases...

The ultimate and final decision will come from the CA BRN. I have zero idea on what might happen to your application for endorsement.

From what I've heard from others is that it's much harder to find the missing OR courses in CA and the associated clinical portion, thus the recommendation to re-take the entire nursing program as most schools or colleges will not accept an un-enrolled person unless you're already a student of theirs.

You can try to get a hold of CA school that offers the MS program and ask to have your CA BRN reviewed but I have a feeling they will say your letter is not complete yet due to the pending and missing OR documents. So maybe the school will tell you to wait for the CA BRN decision on the OR situation.

You may get lucky and your evaluator will accept another form of OR course/clinical, but hope for the best and be prepared for the worst.

At this point, until you provide the CA BRN with some sort of OR transcripts, your application will sit in limbo and you need to act quickly before your first year of appeals process ends. Or provide with the requested OR paperwork from your school before the third year of expiration happens but you will need to re-take the MS courses as they have already told you of.

That's why I mentioned it might be that you will need to re-take the entire nursing program if the OR documents can not be submitted.

The fuse has been lit and it burns fast.

It's not up to the CA BRN to remind you that you're missing the required OR documentation, they are waiting for a response from you at this point after they send you their letter.

They are not going to leave you hanging but it is your responsibility now.

If they don't hear from you, then they simply assume you're not going to keep your application active and let it lapse. Each evaluator probably handles a few thousand applicants from all over the states and the world per year.

Have you already notified your evaluator of the situation? If so, then, you probably need to start the appeals process (it should be stated in your declined letter or you can go the CA BRN website and follow their instructions.

Your case is not unique with the missing OR, there's probably a few thousand and more with the same issue from what others have told me. Most have gone on to try to re-take the nursing program or find the OR course/clinical, but I don't know of their outcome and can only assume it didn't work out for them at the end.

Hi, i saw your message and follow the thread because right now i am having the same problem like you.. i am applying for ca brn but neither my school or prc from the phils can no longer privide the clinical cases... what happened to your application now? I hope to hear a reply from you... i would be very grateful thanks.. please do email me as well akosiberto567@gmail.com

Any update on this please?

Philippines RN since 2006 here and Applied for Ca Licensure by Endorsement last April 19 2019. Got a Deficiency Letter from Ca BON asking for the COMPLETE Record of Clinical Cases and Academic Calendar. Same situation neither school or PRC can provide me a copy of it anymore. PRC told my niece that they will provide me an explanation letter but my worry is wether will it be enough for the evaluator to approve my application or will they ask me to repeat my nursing degree. Any update from your application guys with the same situation as mine

Hi, I have the same issue with my clinical cases..what happened to your application?im missing OR cases and Dr cases, unfortunately eventhough the school provided me with the certification and affidavit, the board won't accept it, and saying if I dont submit any of the missing cases my application will not be evaluated😞

Hi, I’m sorry about the hassles you’re experiencing right now. I got my license because I took the NCLEX way back 2008 in the Philippines so even if I got here in the US last 2014 they still released my license. They did asked about the cases too and I submitted certification from my school. After that they sent me my license. Hope you get your license soon too. Best of luck. 

Hi thank you, I am still processing my application to take the NCLEX exam, I will try to submit another certification/affidavit of loss I hope they will reconsider my application..


Hi everyone,

Try finding a xerox copy of your cases prior to submitting it to prc. I'm lucky I was able to find my 5x5s from 2010.  Still has the notarized atty signatures, signatures from supervising nurses,coordinators,deans and such.  As I've heard from my agency if I were not able to find the or/Dr cases, id have to study additional subjects in CA for thousands of dollars. I thought of taking an LVN exam as a backup plan but with my cases, hopefully I would'nt need to. 

I'll update you guys when I run into a snag. Hopefully it will all work out for all of us.


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