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icunurse_82 has 2 years experience and specializes in ICU.

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  1. icunurse_82

    Are online FNP programs respected?

    Hi all- I am applying to several online FNP programs. I was hoping to hear about some online program graduates. How were you respected as FNPs with respect to others who did not complete an online degree? Did prospective employers seem to have an issue with the online program or was it accepted well since you passed the same boards as everyone else? Thank you for any input you have to offer!!
  2. icunurse_82

    "For Profit" MSN Programs

    Hello everyone. I have been looking into several MSN Programs. I am interested i a few that are "for profit". I was wondering if anyone had any input on this topic in terms of how employers view this. Is this sometimes seen as a negative thing with employers or is it something that they don't seem to care much about? I would appreciate any information anyone has to offer!
  3. icunurse_82

    Chamberlin Online FNP Program

    Hello Everyone! I am in the process of applying to the Chamberlin FNP Online program and I just had a few concerns. I was wondering if anybody was aware of how successful Chamberlin graduates are at getting jobs after graduation. Do employers have a problem with online programs ever? Also, in terms of this being a for-profit school, how does this affect employment opportunities? Thank you for any information you can provide!!!
  4. icunurse_82

    Anyone going/completed to Chamberlain FNP program?

    Hello kpnurse!-I hope you got off to a good start at Chamberlin! I am in the process of applying to the FNP online program. I was wondering if you were aware of the pass rate of students on the certification exam. Do you know how successful Chamberlin graduates are with finding jobs? I am a little concerned since it is an online program. Have you heard about this being a problem in the past?