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Are online FNP programs respected?


Specializes in ICU. Has 2 years experience.

Hi all- I am applying to several online FNP programs. I was hoping to hear about some online program graduates. How were you respected as FNPs with respect to others who did not complete an online degree? Did prospective employers seem to have an issue with the online program or was it accepted well since you passed the same boards as everyone else? Thank you for any input you have to offer!!


Has 3 years experience.

I considered doing an online NP program, but in NY the only 2 that are allowable to do in NY are SUNY Stony Brook and another one that I can't think of right now. I asked nursing recruitment at my institution whether or not having done an online program would factor into whether or not I would get a job as an NP when I graduated, and they told me it wouldn't matter. What would matter is my previous employment history with the institution and my CV. Of course, your mileage may vary based on institution. As long as the online program is accredited, I don't see why it would matter whether it was online or in a brick and mortar school.