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  1. Can you give me information on how you do a new grad training to succeed?

    Like how long is the training?

    It is a centralized training ?

    Or it is a decentralized (on unit) training?

    Do you uses preceptor figure?

    Thanks in advance...🤗

  2. siramad

    New nurses training program

    Good morning!! I am looking for strategies to change our actual methodology to train our new nursing staff. Actual procedure is 2 week for ICU's nurses and 1 week for regular wards training which cover the essentials of our electronic documentation systems and hospitals protocols. After that they are guided by a preceptor for a period that varies unit to unit with a minimum of 3 weeks. Then no other intervention is done. Can you help me with ideas that are working successfully at yours institutions?
  3. Thanks! I am having trouble with Practice and Performance. Could you post some examples as you did with quality of care? Please!! I agree that a proficiency is a personal work you already did. But your tips are gold and really appreciated
  4. siramad

    Practice vs Performance

  5. siramad

    Practice vs Performance

    Thanks!! That is the easy part. But getting this into my self evaluation at VA is what is difficult to spot. Did you have any examples? Great Day!!
  6. siramad

    Practice vs Performance

    I work at VA and I am writing my self evaluation and is it hard to me to realize the difference between Practice and Performance. Please help me with some examples. Thanks for your help!
  7. siramad

    Help with VA self evaluation

    I am trying to do all the job for this year self evaluation. I am having problem to figure out what is the difference between practice and performance. I need examples to understand how to clasify what I have already done and to plan what I can do. All the help welcome Thanks!
  8. Hello!

    I am having  problems  getting what i am working for. I feel disappointed, frustrated. I do not pretend to copy it is impossible because you have to proof what you did. I just need a guide to figure out how to write in the correct way to reach the stars. 

    My email 


    Thanks  a lot!

  9. I need some help to meet the criteria of research If I am not interested in doing research What other activities works to meet the criteria?
  10. siramad

    VA self evaluation

    I am doing my first self evaluation and I need to know what activities can be included at quality improvement Thank for replies
  11. siramad

    VA self evaluation

    I am doing my first self evaluation. Does any one knows what activities I can use instead of research to be an example of scientific inquiry.
  12. siramad

    va nurse job

    Thanks for the info
  13. siramad

    va nurse job

    I recently have an interview at va Puerto Rico I have 10 yrs exp 2 as intensive care nurse 8 in med- surg floor. I am BSN. Did anyone knows how much can I expect to be my salary?. Did it is true that I will start as nurse 2 and go up depending of an evaluation