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  1. Eye, ear drops, and cream

    Hi, I am looking for methods/idea of storing medications at the bedside for patients under contact precaution. Do you store "Eye, ear drops, and cream" in a locked space inside an isolated patient room or you allow them to be unlocked? Thank you
  2. HEPA filter and TB

    Dear all, Does anyone use HEPA filter machine as the only intervention for isolating TB patients in a regular room? Thank you,
  3. Medications due time in EPIC

    Thank you for the kind reply, Does the pharmacist have the privilage to change the schedule of medication. For example, if the order is daily, can the pharmacist change it to daily before breakfast, or can she/he change it to nightly? Thank you
  4. Medications due time in EPIC

    Hey all, I was wondering about the responsibility of scheduling of first and subsequent medication doses in EPIC. Who is responsible to ensure that medications due time is entered correctly? Thank you
  5. Depth of Endotracheal Suctioning

    Thank you
  6. Depth of Endotracheal Suctioning

    Thanks for your kind reply, How do I know the depth I need to go during suctioning.
  7. Depth of Endotracheal Suctioning

    Hello, How can I determine the depth of advancing closed system suction catheter while doing endotracheal suctioning? Thank you
  8. Frequency of changing IV tubing

    Hey all, Current evidence for changing peripheral IV site frequency is: change site when clinically indicated. What about IV tubing changing, is there any clear evidence to change IV set along with prick change (when clinically indicated). If the re...
  9. Blood withdrawal from peripheral IV

    Hey all, I would like to know if blood withdrawal from a peripheral line is among standards of care. Does any one have this practice a standard in his/her institution? Thank you
  10. Eye care for critically ill adult

    Hello, I am reaching you to ask you about the practice of eye care of critically ill adult. The evidence says that Polyethylene dressing shall be applied to the eyelid closure stage II & III, however the dressing shall be removed every 4 hours fo...
  11. Medications by enteral tube challenges

    Certain medications like Phenytoin, calcium supplemets, PPI, oral antivitamine K, prokinetic agents, thyroid hormones when given through enteral tube, entral feeding shall be stopped 30 minutes to 1 hour before and after administration. If your patie...
  12. Medications by enteral tube challenges

    Challenges include: 1-crushing each medication alone 2-flushing between each drug 3-interrupting the feeding frquently (some time 6 hours per day) 4-giving large amount of fluids
  13. Hello, Medications by enteral tube!.. The EB application of this practice is challenging. Nurses in our country perceive it as time wasting and unpractical. Any methods to improve the application of this practice? Thank you
  14. Issue in tracheal suction

    We are thinking of changing this practice in our hospital, because suction filter lowers negative pressure, which results in very low suction power. In our hospital we put container, does it replace the need of using the suction filters.
  15. Issue in tracheal suction

    Do we need to apply a "suction-filter" while using wall-unit suction regulator?