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  1. PaxMaster

    Best Nursing school for the MONEY

    I think Charity takes it ,please no teacher comments
  2. PaxMaster

    Finals Charity!!!!

    Yeah do you have any nac i notes ,and whats your secret to passing this class
  3. PaxMaster

    Finals Charity!!!!

    Any idea when there gonna let us know about the new teachers for Nac I please respond here
  4. :balloons: We did a great job ,good luck next year and have a happy summer Please respond here
  5. PaxMaster


    If you dont get in or you do dont worry you'll get in someplace
  6. Don't hesitate to ask any questions or concerns you may have here:monkeydance:
  7. PaxMaster

    Finals Charity!!!!

    Yes I did pass, congratulations ,I'm in evening division my first semester,yes 1 down and three to go we are off to a great start. Im curious how many didn't pass in your division ,i assume your day ,I wonder if the spots they sihned up for in nac I will open up now:monkeydance:
  8. PaxMaster

    Finals Charity!!!!

    Im so beat, one down one to go,Ill never forget this experience good luck everybody!!!!:balloons:
  9. PaxMaster

    Choosing Charity Clinicals?

    West Jeff is very good ,nice place for connections and learn alot,they pay up to $30/hr new graduate plus diffs,a little understaffed i think but oh well
  10. PaxMaster

    Nurse Tech Charity West Jeff

    anybody know the going rate of pay at west jeff , I heard it was 17/hr
  11. PaxMaster

    Blue print exam II CSN

    life saver savannah ,kick a-- on the test ,maybe one day we'll reveil our identities
  12. PaxMaster

    Blue print exam II CSN

    can somebody please tell me the test breakdown BB not working
  13. PaxMaster

    Charity BlackBoard

    Thanks very much Nola ,it wasnt working friday afternoon,must have been over loaded
  14. PaxMaster

    Charity BlackBoard

    anybody having trouble logging on to delgado black board
  15. PaxMaster

    ONE MORE MONTH Jan o7/Charity

    ive got a clinical that starts at 3:30pm what time do you usually have to be there to be on time because i have a job that will cut it close,are they really sticklers for tardiness