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  1. IdaPorchae

    How did you stay organized in LPN school?

    HI, please where could I learn me term or buy something to help and where can I find the drug cards? thanks so much for your comment
  2. IdaPorchae

    Religion and nursing school

    Honestly, this is not a silly question at all. I try to pray, read my bible, and go to church as often as I can as well. I was wondering how I was going to still be able to do this while in nursing school. I told my husband, you and the kids may have...
  3. Hi im trying to find this app. Is it available for iphones?
  4. Hi, I've tried looking for this App. I've searched the App store on my Iphone4 but nothing came up that pertained list of websites to shut off. Please let me know if there is something else i could do to find this app. Thanks
  5. IdaPorchae

    Georgia Piedmont Technical College nursing 2015

    I have been accepted to GA Piedmont Technical college for LPN 2015. Is this where you are going?
  6. IdaPorchae

    How are you prepping for your Jan 2015 LVN school Start date??

    I start Jan 2015 as well. I have been doing much cleaning as well. Organizing closets and spaces to make it easier for me to maneuver when I have limited time. Preparing my family to do for themselves more.
  7. IdaPorchae

    New LPN Student

    Thanks. Will def do!! About how many hours a day did you study? Weekends?
  8. IdaPorchae

    New LPN Student

    Thank you!
  9. IdaPorchae

    Graduate Nurse

    Congratulations! I will be entering into the LPN program in January. Any studying advice? My first courses will be Nursing Fundamentals and Pharmacology Clinical Calculations. (1st 8 weeks) and than on to Diet&Nutrition and than Med Surg for the ...
  10. IdaPorchae

    New LPN Student

    Hi Everyone!!! I've received my acceptance letter for the LPN program-Yay! I am really excited to start classes in Jan 2015. I am a wife and mother of two. I've been hearing how intense this program can may decide not to work. Even with not working,...
  11. IdaPorchae

    New LPN student - GA

    Thanks a lot. Had no idea. Thanks for the tip! Prayers for your NCLEX!