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  1. Sorry I meant I am taking the NCLEX RN in California BUT MY LICENSE IS FOR OREGON. Sorry bout that!
  2. Hi I graduated BSN-RN in the Philippines 2012. I flew in United States, December 2012. I took my first RN exam for Oregon, June 2013 and sadly, failed. I know I did not do my best that is why I failed. I did not do high level questions and just focused on Exam Cram and Saunders (yellow book). I got heart broken with failing that it took me a year to move on. July 2014 I took my LVN for California, I did the Qbank from Kaplan finished around 80%, did all the Qtrainers 1-7. Just plain answering questions, and I passed my LVN, fortunately. I told myself I'm going to post here for the first time if I pass my LVN. You guys here inspired me and gave me hope when I was really down :) Tomorrow, November 20, 2014, I will attempt to take the RN again. Hopefully this time I pass. I am really scared because I know I did not prepare that well. I just did half of La Charity book, 200 questions from NCSBN Qbank, and again the Qtrainers 1-7 (which really helped me for LVN) I will just lift everything up to Him. Because I know without Him, I am nothing, and with Him, I can do anything. Please pray for me guys!!! I will pray for everyone else too. Good night :)

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