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  1. nurse2bchrischris

    RN-BSN Programs

    Hello! I just recently graduated from RN school and got my license. Can anyone please recommend any accredited RN-BSN online programs for me? Preferably ones that are under a year long, and maybe a little background on each please. I am having a hard time deciding on which program is best. Thanks!
  2. nurse2bchrischris

    Study strategies!

    That's what I'm using right this second to study, quizlet is awesome!
  3. nurse2bchrischris

    Study strategies!

    Thanks everyone!!
  4. nurse2bchrischris

    I can't wait to be a nurse!!!!

    I start my nursing program in a few weeks, so nervous and excited to start this journey!
  5. nurse2bchrischris

    Study strategies!

    Thank you!
  6. nurse2bchrischris

    I lied...a story of how I outright LIED to patient's family.

    Wow this just made me tear up. So beautiful. You're such a wonderful nurse 😊
  7. nurse2bchrischris

    California nursing programs with 2.0gpa science req.

    Ncp college of nursing is lvn easy to get into
  8. nurse2bchrischris

    Study strategies!

    What study strategies have worked most efficiently for you guys? Any tips?
  9. nurse2bchrischris

    So exited!

    How many tests/quizzes are you guys given a week at ncp?
  10. nurse2bchrischris


    Can an you guys give me tips on surviving nursing school, along with study tips, and things I should always carry with me at school?
  11. nurse2bchrischris

    How long is your program?

    Many people I know have gone to the school I'm going to and did fine and now and received jobs quickly. It's tough but worth it! Thanks for the tips!
  12. nurse2bchrischris

    HELP! 76 Q's. Pass or Fail?

  13. nurse2bchrischris

    Ncp college of nursing

    I'm going to ncp in July as well! I am not taking the pre req class since I already took them. I think you will be learning medical terminology, drug dosing, anatomy, and physiology. I heard the the pre req program is not that bad but you do have to receive a 75% the lowest on everything. Which location are you going to?
  14. nurse2bchrischris

    How long is your program?

    My program is 11 months :)
  15. nurse2bchrischris


    Thank you for the input! :)
  16. nurse2bchrischris


    I am about to start an LVN program. My science gpa is 2.3 and I am nervous that I will not get into any lvn to RN bridge programs because of this. My friend just got rejected from a bridge program since his science gpa was 2.3. Now I am worried that I will be stuck as an lvn and will not have any change to advance to RN. Is this possible??

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