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  1. chasinRT

    How many?

    2 schools, 350-400 each, just me
  2. chasinRT

    Head lice

    I was reading this thread this morning and while reading it, got a phone call from a dad who dropped f-bombs all over me because we don't do classroom checks any more. Great timing!
  3. chasinRT

    School Nurse Salary?

    Six years in, making $23/hr. RN with 25 years of acute care/mgmt experience. It was quite a pay cut lol. No contract, no retirement, two paid holidays/year. I do have good health insurance, though.
  4. chasinRT


    You are missed! Nice to hear from you!
  5. chasinRT

    No EpiPen, No Field Trip?

    I still have kids whose parents haven't turned in any allergy paperwork or epipens. I have stock epi to cover them at school but on the field trip it will have to be a 911 call.
  6. chasinRT

    Lice, Lice and more Lice...................

    Those of you who still have to do classroom checks, HOW in the world do you find time to do that??? If you spend an average of 5 minutes a kid, and have 750 kids, that's like two solid weeks without doing ANYTHING ELSE. How is that even possible????
  7. chasinRT

    Out of State Physician

    I have a student starting school with a g-tube who is in a military family; I am in Indiana, the student's GI doctor is in the military and his office is in Texas. Can I take orders from him for the G-tube? Mom tells me he is also licensed to practice in Indiana, although I can't find him on the search site.
  8. chasinRT

    Today's Mini Rant

    THIS. So many times when I ask what the parent did about the injury that happened last night (or three days ago) I get, "Mom said to have you check it out."
  9. chasinRT

    Speaking of summer...

    No way! That's one of the main reasons I took this (low-paying) job!
  10. chasinRT

    Why two weeks?

    If lice die off the host in 24 hours, why does everything say to bag things up for two weeks?? Even the CDC website.
  11. chasinRT

    EpiPens for Schools

    My regulars came, but not my juniors.
  12. chasinRT

    Student and weight loss advice?

    That was, of course, what was running through my head!
  13. chasinRT

    Student and weight loss advice?

    A parent asked about nutritional and weight loss information/assist for her overweight son. What would you do with that?
  14. chasinRT

    Non-Contact Thermometers?

    That's kind of what I was thinking...
  15. chasinRT

    Non-Contact Thermometers?

    This is what I have and it's the second one that the probe broke! The little plastic piece that holds the probe cover broke off.
  16. chasinRT

    Non-Contact Thermometers?

    The probe broke on my oral thermometer yesterday. The non-contact thermometers are half the price of a new probe, and I would no longer have to buy probe covers. What do you use?

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