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  1. My GPA is a 2.75. I plan on doing the accelerated program, which requires a 3.0. I have believe 6 to 8 pre requisites to bump the GPA up. I want to get a 4.0 but don't want to go below 3.0, realistically going for a 3.5. There is no TEAS scores. Will take the TEAS. Find a new employer over the next six month's. Wow them get a letter of recommendation from them and wow a professor. From there apply to a program. If all fails the LPN is the back up plan. As long as I can get above a 54-56 I am guaranteed into the state run LPN program, unless they shut down again. Best of luck on your endeavor.
  2. RunnerD1987

    Question about pre req's and accelerated nursing program

    I have a lot of friends fail Micro in the summer said it is a lot to cram in such a small time frame. Maybe will do my math classes in the summer. I took a math class at the CC about 8 year's ago since couldn't get past it as a Freshman. Scored the highest GPA I ever achieved in college 4.0. Maybe save micro and anatomy 2 for the fall.
  3. I am looking into applying to two accelerated nursing programs in the state. I have six pre req's have to complete. Figure loading up on pre reqs would prep me for the accelerated program. Looking to start in the spring have a class taking early in the fall in September that would make it challenging to take any pre-req's. Except going to sign up for Psychology Life Development course online. Then was thinking in the Spring take Anatomy 1 and Chemistry 101. They are six hour classes. One is on a Monday the other is on a Friday. Then over the summer take Microbiology a four week class, normally M-Th 8-3. Followed by in that summer a four week Math class in the next summer session. Then take Anatomy 2 and Statistics in the fall. Any feedback would that be overload? Right now working 36 hours one weekend and two day's during the week.
  4. RunnerD1987

    PCA's that change job's frequently

    Been tech in many different fields in the hospital trying to find my niche. Working as a Tech now debating between three choices regarding work...give a bit of back story. I started work in the hospital volunteering for an ambulance company. That led to working per diem in a hospital along side the Anesthesia Doctor's and Nurses prepping their machines, IVs, equipment's, medication, assisting in respiratory codes so on and so on. After that went on to be a tech did vitals, ADLS, so forth. Was laid off of that job after working in the hospital for two year's. I was out of work for six month's finally found work at a group home. However, they were having some financial issues so I went to work for the hospital again. This time wasn't a tech worked in Sterile Processing, grossed me out, after a month left took a part time job I found at a local hospital. It's not a small hospital (385 beds), but owned by the big three in the state as we call it here. Pay is decent making $20 an hour, only working 24 to 32 hour's a week, variable shifts...mostly evening's (I could work day's.) I want to leave the job though. Coworkers are great I just don't like the job I feel awful for feeling that way. Breaking down main reason is the distance to the job and the unit. The rules are I feel more lax than other units worked on and there are day's when super busy, but there are quiet times. I am trying to decide they have a larger hospital closer to home where pay varies where you are. If I could find work in the hospital on the floor I am in I probably make same amount of money making. However, they have unionized and non unionized techs...some of the union techs make less than the non union techs. The other option is the other big three, probably the largest out of the three, owns 5 to 6 hospitals in the state. They have job's all over the state. Checked in pay is significantly less, but could be working more hour's and closer to home. Pay averages $15-$16 an hour...probably be working 36 to 40 hour's. I apologize sounding so convoluted I am stressing out about work and school. Ever since laid off last May I have worked in three different places, that's not me to bounce around, but I can't find a perfect fit. I trying to decide where to work regarding school, that is a BIG IF. I want to try to do an accelerated nursing program. If I stay at current job can knock out perquisites over the course of a year. Then possibly maybe work the weekend doing 16 to 24 hour shift's. The hospital offers deferment at a university an hour away from me that has an accelerated nursing program, but I would loose the benefit's of tuition reimbursement if go below 24 hour's. The other option is the hospital's main hub, which is closer. They offer 12 hour shift's I could do two or three night's a week making $15 an hour. Plus side I be near two of the colleges interested in applying to. Only downside parking is $100 a month. The other options I have are I can work as a tech at the other hospital network they have this job that is in a field really interested in as a tech, but lesser pay. It is closer to home and the hour's are at night. It isn't close to any of the schools interested in applying to, but closer to where I live and one of the school's interested in applying to is in the town I live in. I apologize for this long rant I am just trying to piece thing's together and figure out where and what to do. Any feedback be much appreciated.
  5. RunnerD1987

    Conneticut hospitals and BSNs

    Curious how many hospitals in the state require BSNs? Just heard news Bridgeport Hospital, St. Vincent's Medical Center and Bristol Hospital are working towards either magnet status, achieved magnet status, or only hiring BSNs. I know Hartford Hospital and Middlesex Hospital require BSNs. Not sure about other hospitals owned by Hartford Healthcare though. Yale New Haven Hospital is another one. Not sure about Greenwich they are owned by Yale New Haven Hospital so would assume so. Curious if any hospitals left in the state where an Associate Nurse can work? Think only hospitals left be Western Connecticut Health Network (Norwalk, Danbury, & New Milford), Sharon Hospital, Lawrence and Memorial, Waterbury Hospital, Saint Mary's Hospital, Charlotte Hungerford Hospital, Milford Hospital, Stamford Hospital, Hospital of Special Care, UCONN Health Center, and Gaylord Hospital. Appreciate the feedback.
  6. RunnerD1987

    CT LPN schools

    Just had a great talk with someone about the accelerated program call me stupid it motivated me to do it. Game plan is to do my EMT Cert this summer or fall. I know a few connections in local hospital's can get an ER Tech job. Can work night's pulling three 7p to 7a to save up cash for school. Then cut back down once I get going with nursing classes to 24 hour's. In the fall going to take life development course online. Then over the Spring get myself ready for the accelerated program going to take chemistry 1 and anatomy 1. During the summer going to take micro and natural math class. Then in the fall going to finish up with Anatomy 2 and statistics. Will apply for UCONN Waterbury, SCSU, Fairfield University and Quinnipiac Accelerated programs. Will apply to CCSU and WCSU BSN program Will also study for the TEAS and take that in the fall. That way can send in my app for ASN 2017 fall program as a backup. Apply to NVCC, Northwestern, and Gateway. Then if no luck in the Spring will apply for LPN and Paramedic school for the fall.
  7. RunnerD1987

    Would I ever get over the fear of hurting people?

    Ha I think I get laughed at drawing blood. I am no ICU nurse who can make stones bleed just a tech trying to get into nursing school. Anyways, I draw blood have a lot of people with wiggly wormy veins going in I always say sorry for some reason.
  8. RunnerD1987

    Moving to Texas

    That's not bad saw one state upper south area state paying $13.50 an hour for LVNs. Not nursing per se' question we love swimming, fishing, kayaking, camping, running, hiking, biking, good food, and good music. I especially love history. Is that a lifestyle can find down in Texas?
  9. RunnerD1987

    CT LPN schools

    Cool did not know Goodwin at a point system good to know. I heard not sure if true or not if you already have a bachelor's guaranteed entry into the state LPN programs. I was going to do the nursing program at the hospital I worked at, but this is the last year they are doing it.
  10. RunnerD1987

    What states are the best for LPN/LVN

    With nursing programs being so competitive went into the LPN program hoping to bridge over. Currently from the Connecticut area. I read a link CT is the highest paying state for LPNS making 25 to 28 an hour. That's about 5 to 8 more an hour I make as a tech which makes a big difference over time. However, with great pay feel that the state's cost of living, tuition costs, and number of job's may not be the best place to look for work. Curious on what states should I look into to work as an LPN and as a nurse? I read Alaska, Ohio, Florida, and California offer the most job's for LPNs. I was considering Virginia, Delaware, North Carolina, South Carolina, or Texas. I love Virginia not only for the area, but it offers a lot of back up plan's in other job markets. When I complete the LPN program like to get into corrections. Hoping long term goal to become a Forensic Nurse. I appreciate any feedback can give me. Have a great one.
  11. RunnerD1987

    ? Florida PTA/Paramedic/LPN

    Hi, been researching a bit about Florida after a few nurse's at work talked about moving down there. I was looking into the Jacksonville area up on the Northeast/Northwest of Florida such as the Jacksonville area. I am interested on going back to school for nursing. I was considering the LPN route I heard many jobs down in the Florida area. Curious how pay is up in my state they make about 25 to 28 an hour. Wondering if comparable to where I live. Also saw a program that offered a LPN and a Paramedic bridge. Are there a lot of paramedic to RN bridge programs in Florida? Only reason I ask about being a PTA I heard they have a PTA to PT bridge in Florida. Any info on being a PTA in Florida? Appreciate the feedback.
  12. RunnerD1987

    I am confused with route into nursing

    If I did the BSN pre reqs I make sure to keep my GPA in a competitive level...which hopefully would be the ticket in to a program. Grammar has always been my weakness I struggle writing my soap notes a lot. Doesn't help most of my post are on my phone here, ha. I mean LPNs are not really being hired in our state. It is what it is. Accept I would be a nurse a lot quicker if went through the LPN program then it takes to do an Associates or BSN program. Can then bridge over bridge over as I go. I am okay moving to a state that hires more LPNs. The cost of an LPN program is 12,000 compared to the 20,000-25,000 for an associates of nursing. So if I did bridge only have to pay another 10 to 12 grand not a big difference in cost. The BSN is about 35 to 40 grand. Only another additional 10 to 12 grabs for the RN to BSN online program I looked at. The state run LPN programs here guarantee acceptance if can achieve a passing TEA score and already hold a bachelor's degree. The LPN program besides stats and Chemistry includes the pre reqs of A&P 1/2, Math, Intro to Psych, and Life Span Development. Since the program does not run during the summer could take my Chemistry and Stat pre reqs then.
  13. I am 28 year's old I have no idea or direction where want go go with life/career. I have five year's of patient experience as an EMT, a tech, a counselor. I love working with patients many people say should be a nurse. Have a lot of nay sayers saying won't make it and to tough. I guess have it in my head don't have the chops for it. I work with nurse's who love and hate their job. They really don't like the politics of nursing. Where they feel it is being regulated too much and old school nurse's questioning some of the nurses coming into the field. Going on about experience vs education on a piece of paper. How nursing has loss sight of patient care. It scares me a bit and turns me away from nursing. I love to continue working with patients providing them care and treatment. I am in a rut on how to become a nurse. I have a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice. My GPA is 2.5, which knocks me out of the accelerated program's. I can just take the pre requisites go into a BSN program if not accepted fall back to an Associate program. However, completing the pre reqs in a year be taking 3 sciences over 2 semesters and one in the summer. Plus add on math class and studying for the TEA'S sounds like a recipe for disaster. I know LPNs are disappearing and many places don't want to hire them....especially where I live. I be open to move to an area where can guarantee work as an LPN. Anyways the LPN is three semesters long. I can be a nurse in 15 month's. I also complete all my nursing prerequisites during that time as well. Pay between an LPN and RN are almost comparable. Then complete my RN in 6 to 8 month's. Then can to a RN to MSN online in a year. That's about 36 to 40 months of school but in the end have my BSN or MSN. It's the same amount of time if I went into a BSN program. Except only difference is those three year's during school I be a nurse. Appreciate any guidance or feedback that can be given to steer me in the right direction? Also looking to go back for my EMT cert. I can work nights and go to school full time during the day. I only have class and clinical with the LPN School three days a week. Again seeking some directional advice.
  14. RunnerD1987

    CT LPN schools

    Appreciate the feedback. I am going back and forth on the LPN. I know it's not a huge demand in the state at the moment. Was thinking if I could get through LPN school can help me get into a program. Then can continue my bridge to RN then to BSN/MSN. I will go for the BSN and if all else fails can fall back on trying to get accepted into a LPN program in the state.
  15. Volunteer at a hospital, take on shadowing a nurse, go to info sessions, or/and take a pre req class see if anything peaks your interest. If you love it then go for it. Go for CNA if want to get some patient/bed side experience. However, your young keep in mind there is so much you can do in healthcare if that's the direction you want to go. Research jobs and what they do.
  16. Working as a psych tech in an area hospital. Trying to switch to a night position closer to home to return back to school for nursing. Figure would go for my CNA/EMT cert., but I work variable shifts right now I only can commit to classes 3 times a week. Most in the area seem to be four or five days a week programs...any one know if there is a 2 days a week program in the state. EMT training is a lot easier to balance with work schedule...Any feedback on area hospitals and an EMT working as a Tech?