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  1. Just wondering if endoscopy Nursing is considered acute care? For example, working in pre-assessment screening or the PACU of a endoscopy center. Is this nursing role considered acute care?
  2. Dyoshirn

    City Tech Professional Nursing

    Hi just wondering if anyone has taken professional Nursing fully online at City Tech with Irene Pearlman. Just wondering how she is as a professor. Sometimes I'm afraid of fully online classes because it's hit or miss with professors and there is little opportunity for personal interaction.
  3. Dyoshirn

    January 2015 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    "Um nurse, whenever your ready we need you in room 201"
  4. Dyoshirn

    January 2015 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    "So I'm guessing the enema worked?"
  5. Dyoshirn

    January 2015 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    "It's ok, his stool sample came back negative for C-DIFF"
  6. I'm wondering what happens if you fail a course. Are you allowed to repeat? How many times? Does it affect your GPA if you fail a course? How about if you think you know the material and go straight for the assessment and you fail? Just wondering what happens then.
  7. Dyoshirn

    Degree from WGU

    Hello all, just wondering how a RN-BSN degree from WGU is viewed by hiring managers? Anyone ever had any problems? Considering it's a online program with no brick and mortar university. Any opinions.
  8. Dyoshirn

    WGU Sept 2014..Anyone??

    So I have a question. Say after you complete your degree at WGU and you want to transfer to another school. Will the transcript from WGU say "GPA 3.0" or will it say something else implying the equivalent of 3.0gpa? (Just asking wondering if it will sound like a knock-off degree)
  9. Dyoshirn

    NYC new grad

    Which online school are you attending? Coney Island hospital seems pretty good with hiring. A old workmate got hired there as OR nurse with very little experience.
  10. Dyoshirn

    I passed nursing fundamentals but feel nervous for the future?

    I split my last semester. At that point I was okay with finishing a little later than planned over not finishing at all. I saw many fail out of nursing school because they put too much on their plate. Now, I am not saying you should do what I did. You may be able to handle all the pressure. I couldn't. I have a very busy life outside of school and other responsibilities I couldn't neglect so I just split my last semester. :-)
  11. Me too. I love my job. All the nurses are wonderful. (Except one, but she's not a mean girl, she is just lazy and I hate lazy nurses) We gel well, as they say it. You gotta find another workplace and leave those haters behind.
  12. Wow, thats intersting... What hospital was this??
  13. Of course I know national accreditation is important. But other than CCNE and ACEN accreditation does it matter which online school you choose? Do employers really care where you got your degree from? Any opinions?
  14. Dyoshirn

    UTA RN-BSN... any NY students?

    Hi, I have been checking out online RN- BSN programs university of Texas at Arlington is one of them. The reason I'm targeting NY student because I'm just wondering how NYC hospital employers view a BSN degree from UTA. Any opinions? I want to make the right choice when it comes to the school I do my BSN with.
  15. Dyoshirn

    RN looking for school

    Try SUNY delhi... I believe they are still accepting for spring 2015