SUNY-Delhi RN-BSN program


Hi all! I know this thread is old. But I'm looking for info on the SUNY-Delhi RN-BSN program. Any advice? How are the classes? Which require more time, which require less? Do you recommend it? Please feel free to PM me. Thank so much for your time.:-D

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Hi there,

I think you sent me a PM, but it will not allow me to answer because I haven't been that active on the site. I just graduated this program in May. It's a great program, but I felt it was a lot of work. I doubled up on classes so that I could finish asap, and the workload was pretty heavy. However, it is doable. My biggest challenge was the courses that required me to secure a clinical site as I was not employed and didn't really have any connections, but with the help of the clinical coordinator, I made it through. If you have any other questions let me know. I hope that I was helpful.


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Hello, how long did it take to do the program? I am trying to apply for Fall 2015 but I did not take the NCLEX yet (I graduate in MAY) so my application is on hold . I have been looking at their school and SUNY PLATTSBURGH AND SUNY CANTON. Overall how did you feel about the program ?